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DL, Press, Grace in Your Face

Posted in dead lifts, grace, presses with tags , , on April 10, 2012 by coughingsparks

Did a not-too-bad 3-set of DL yesterday:


I need to remember the fractional plates. Using 2 1/2# plates I think may help me out of my slump. Of course, that doesn’t really apply on today’s press:


So I met what I usually do. Too bad Island doesn’t have 1# plates.

My plan for metcon today was going to be the 2nd WoD from Guerilla Fitness 2010, which involves a lot of front squat and double-unders, but there was a guy using the Oly platform for, like, a really long time. He was wearing Vibrams and doing clean and jerk starting with a body bar and ending with, like 85# or so, doing split jerk with pretty immature form. Whatever, you have to start somewhere, but I was in a pretty bad mood and could see my allotted hour (only have from about 0910 to 1005 if I push it on non-work days because of child care, and 0910 to 0945 on work days) slipping away, so I finally asked him how much longer. I could tell that I was cutting him short but he’d been on for about 20 minutes and there’s only one Oly platform so I needed to know in case I would have to change my plans. He graciously said he was on his last set.

At that point, I had about eight minutes left, not enough for the 15-minute-capped WoD I had in mind (that I’ve never actually done in under 15 minutes, by the way), so I was already changing my plans. So he moved to a squat rack for whatever and I decided to do Grace as Rx’d with my remaining time, rubbing it right in his pleasant, unassuming face:

-30 C&J (135#/95#)

I killed it in 6:11, blowing away my pre-Katrina time of seven and change. I was childishly enraged at having to wait for the only Oly platform in the place even though he was using it legitimately. A little, mean part of me wanted to show him how it was done, too (dip and drive, get UNDER the weight, lightning-quick elbows, ’cause you can’t just go up to people, especially a dude when you’re a chick and say, “fella, you’re doing it WRONG”). Another part of me was frustrated about not making many, if any gains lately. I sort of couldn’t stand him for being able to take his sweet-ass time with his exercise routine while I was counting every second, making calculations bout how long it takes to change my shoes and how many sets would it take to work up to 95# in as few as possible. I did Grace very bitchily this time around. Very bitchily. When I was finished I told him he could have the platform back.

I sort of hate myself right now.

I wish Innocuous Vibram Man luck with his Oly lifting.


DL & Just Nine Minutes

Posted in dead lifts, just nine minutrs with tags , on February 24, 2012 by coughingsparks

Started with a 5×6 DL:


Finished with Just Nine Minutes, which is three rounds AMRepsAP of (65#)

-One minute HPC
-One minute front squat
-One minute push press
-One minute rest

Got 143, which is a decent improvement from 121.

Just a dead lift

Posted in dead lifts with tags on January 22, 2012 by coughingsparks

No time. 5×5 DL, matched last two times:


Meh. No spirit today; hamstrings dead from yesterday. Typing left-handed. Night-night.

Dead lift, mini belly buster

Posted in belly buster, dead lifts with tags , on December 20, 2011 by coughingsparks

Started with a 5×5 DL, although my legs were very sore from doing 200 air squats not 24 hours earlier:


That last one is a new PR, and it feels good to get out of the rut I was in. Finished with a mini Belly Buster, three rounds for time of:

-20 decline sit-ups
-20 45# KB swings

Did it in 6:21, short and heavy for a work day.

Max effort DL

Posted in dead lifts, rowing with tags , on November 2, 2011 by coughingsparks

Another short, short day again, but I went to Island bound and determined to do a 1RM dead lift, so here’s what I did:


So there you have it, 225#, which was actually my goal for the day. There’s just something satisfying about pulling 2 45# plates on each side, makes me look forward to 315#!

Finished with another insanely short metcon d/t time constraints: 500m row, which I did on 1:44, five seconds faster than last time, FTW. So, a short but good day.

Oy vey

Posted in dead lifts, front squats, kettle bells, push press with tags , , , on August 23, 2011 by coughingsparks

I’m running out of things to do that don’t involve muscles that are already sore. Tomorrow is certainly going to be a rest day as I am TAPPED OUT. Today I started with my very favorite lift, the dead lift, with a 5×5:


Better than I thought it would be, actually. I love this lift, and it has always been my strongest. We tend to stick to what we like, even in Crossfit, I’ve found, despite the prescription of constantly varied blah blah blah. I took a page from Crossfit Virtuosity‘s WOD today, the Level One of which was 21-15-9-15-21 sumo dead lift high pull, front squat push press. That’s 69 reps all told. And I wasn’t about to do SDLHP after doing my first dead lift in a considerable amount of time. So instead I did

-KB swings 25#
-Front Squat 45#
-Push Press 45#

My time was 10:07. I think that’s good and I’m glad that I didn’t try for 69 reps and that I was able to use at least an Olympic bar, without having to resort to a body bar. After all, I didn’t take that many breaks.

Finished with 30 pathetic minutes on the elliptical. My legs were fried, so I was making worse time than when I was 9 months pregnant.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, check out this awesome video:


Posted in dead lifts, push-ups with tags , on December 21, 2009 by coughingsparks

Doing everything I want to do on days I have to work is hard and I missed out on metcon today as a result. I started with an attempt at the 100 push-ups challenge and only made 14-14-6. Pathetic. I think I’m going to do these between whatever lift I do for the day and metcon because doing them first never, ever works. I then did a 5×5 dead lift and found a new 5RM:

115×5 (warm up)
135×5 (warm up)

The last set was very difficult, like veins standing out in my neck difficult, but I did it. I finished with a tiny bit of double under practice and some handstands and headstands.

I am thinking about the Sectionals, and hemming and hawing about it. I really want to, but I have to be realistic about my capabilities as an athlete. When other CFers meet me, they are always disappointed about what I can actually do; their expectations exceed my abilities, which, I mean, I’m not doing it for other people, but it’s discouraging when people say, “you can only do three ring dips? Really?” Um, yeah. However, find me other women in the gym who can do one ring dip, no no, one unassisted bar dip and I bet that you can only come up with a couple that can come off of the bench or the gravitron.

I’m proud of my accomplishments thus far and can honestly say that I am one of the strongest women at the globo, but compared to the Gillians and Annies and Nicoles of the world, I am a big tub of goo. I can’t do a single benchmark WOD as Rx’d, I can’t kip, I can’t really snatch, I can’t do a HSPU, I can’t do a muscle up…I wish there were a website that spelled out what you should be able to do to compete…I just know I’m not there and probably couldn’t be realistically in three months.