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DL/Triplet Hell/Swimming Class

Posted in dead lifts, swimming, triplet hell with tags , , on April 27, 2012 by coughingsparks

Today was a double header for me, gym-wise. I started out with a morning workout with a 5×3+20 DL, so-so:


Although I didn’t do as well as last time, I really like the +20. It’s hard! I finished with a mash-up of two other WoDs that I will call triplet hell, which is three rounds for time (when I have more time, I’ll probably make it 5) of:

-5 Thrusters 65#
-7 HPC 65#
-10 SDLHP 65#
-30 DU

I did it in 9:24.

My second foray to the gym was for an hour-long swimming class, and it’s a good thing I went because, as stated in the last post about swimming, I don’t know what I’m doing. So, it was a really nice, low-key sort of set of drills. Mostly, I just need to get in the water and be comfortable there. That’s all. And do more long-distance stuff. The swim in August is 750 meters, which is 16.4 there-and-back laps in the pool at Island. So that’s a good thing to shoot for.

Now I am freezing, starving, and exhausted. But in a good way. Also, this would be a great time to razor down my calluses.