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Front Squat/Travel WOD 26

Posted in front squats, push press, Travel 26 (BBL) with tags , , on July 12, 2009 by coughingsparks

I’m liking the Crossfit warm-up more and more as I do it. The only problem today was finding a place at the globo to do jump rope. Sadly, the only place I found had a concrete floor. Concrete sucks for jumping rope, and particularly for doing double-unders, so I stuck with singles, about 100 to warm up. Then, on to front squats, five sets of five. I’m getting better at these, 95-105-105-105-105. I hear Boz and Todd in my head when I do these: “Elbows up, up, up!!” I’m still trying to concentrate on form, rather than piling on a ton of weight, particularly on these relatively high rep sets.

I got my fourth dead hang today. That was a bit of a surprise, and it was a bit ugly. I can’t do four in a row more than once per day, but still. Yay! Then I went on to do Travel WOD 26, or BBL: AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

-10 Box jumps
-10 Bench dips (I just used the box)
-10 Lunges (it didn’t say each leg, but that’s how I did it)

I was going for 12, but made it to 11, plus 10 more box jumps and 10 more dips. I had to be a little careful, mostly because my hamstrings are tight from yesterday. Both of them, haha! Used to be when I did 100 inverted burpees for time, only one side would hurt, but now I know how to alternate legs and, to quote Robert Frost, that has made all the difference. Finished at home with HSPU progressions.