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First time in a group/New pull-up PR

Posted in pull-ups, sunny day with tags , on July 8, 2009 by coughingsparks

Today was the first time I worked out with other Crossfitters and it was awesome! We met at the high school track (springy!). Clea asked each of us (about 10 people total) what our least favorite exercise was (this should have been our first clue). Most people said either burpees or running. She said, too bad, because today’s WOD has both. Of course. It was AMRAP in 12 minutes (six minute sets with a two minute rest in between) of:

10 Kettle bell swings (all the newbies used the kettle bells, I used a 30# dumbbell)
10 Burpees
???-meter sprint (400? ETA, Clea says 200. OK.)

I got thisclose to getting six rounds. In the first set, I got three rounds plus 7 kettlebell swings. In the second round, I got three sets less half the run. I was bummed, but really, I know I did well. If I had hustled more on the last set of Burpees, I would have gotten a full six. Oh well.

OK, so running. I did do the running portion today, although that may have been a mistake. Running typically makes my shins hurt really badly, my knees hurt, my feet hurt, etc. Granted, I used to run longer distance, usually >2 miles in the Army. But I wanted to try today and see what happened. I felt fine during the running. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. I’d like to keep running in my WODs, because it will open up Murph and other refinements. The weather was nice today, so I’ll call this WOD Sunny Day, because the last one was Rainy Day.

When I got home, I was bound and determined to make it over the bar on the third rep, and I did it, but barely.