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WoDs 1 and 2

Posted in burpees, cleans, rest day on April 11, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was Day 3 of the pull-up progression: 5-4-3-3-2, which I did strict, again. I guess that will be my scaling, or lack thereof. The WoD was 3 RFT:

– 5 Squat clean (205#/155#)
– 30 burpees

Almost no one could do this Rx’d. It was actually supposed to be that^^^ or 85% of your 1RM, whichever was lighter. So, for me it was 125#, and I finished in 15:32. It was very, very hard. And, starting in the second round, I was power cleaning and then front squatting. It’s weird, when I get tired, this is my default, even though it’s supposed to be harder. My time was comparable with the median, so I’m glad.

My second WoD was to carry 66 bags of soil from Jeff’s truck to where the raised beds are, for time, because Jeff had to get to the bank. It took me 90 minutes, which includes the four trips to Home Depot with the truck, 16-18 bags each time. I moved somewhere between 2,900# and 3,350# depending on how heavy the bags were. I am exhausted, like can barely keep my eyes open.


Rope Climbing

Posted in front squats, pull-ups, rest day, rope on November 14, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was rope climb practice followed by 2 minute rope climb AMRAP in which I got 3. I really wanted 4, but I slipped off on the 4th try and only had about 10 seconds left. Oh well, 3 isn’t that bad, and there was a day, not so very long ago that I couldn’t do these at all. Finished up with a 13-minute AMRAP of:

-15 pull-ups
-15 front squats (135#/95#)
-15 sit-ups

I did it Rx’d and got 2 rounds, 15 reps. Thank goodness the pull-ups were first, otherwise I wouldn’t have done as well. I got a run of 7 right out the gate and that helped (not completely unbroken, but at least I didn’t come off the bar). I did the first set of front squats unbroken and the second round in 8 and 7. It was OK.

What went well: Front squats. Some of the pull-ups. I really just use the sit-ups to evaluate where my life is going, so I don’t really count those.

What needs help: The kipping pull-up. Getting my legs higher on the rope climb: more TTB, less air squat/dead-hang pull-up.

Today was leaf raking for time. I got my entire yard raked in 2 1/2 hours. Go me.

I’ll be fine as long as we don’t…oh.

Posted in box jumps, kettle bells, knees-to-elbows, rest day on May 9, 2013 by coughingsparks

So, remember what I said about not ripping my hand worse as long as we weren’t going to do a WoD involving an exercise with a lot of shear on the hands? Yeah, this was yesterday:

-KB DL 24kg/16kg each hand
-Box jumps (24″/20″)

60 TTB. I asked to do them TTR instead to save my hands and it almost worked. I just barely ripped the blister from the day before, so it hurt to wash my hands because water got into the blister, so I glued it shut when I got to work and that seemed to work OK. Thanks to the coaching, I am getting a LITTLE better at stringing them. We do them A LOT at CFP, so it’s just a matter of time, really. In any case, I got 12:30 or 12 something. 12:50 maybe? I don’t remember. 12 something. Jumped the box jump, not stepping.

In other news, I saw my doctor for my (three)yearly physical. My resting heart rate was 54, BP 100/60. Thanks, Crossfit and paleo! That’s why we do this stuff. That’s the good news. The bad news is that he thinks I may have meniscus or ligament damage in my right knee and is setting me up for an MRI. So, now I really, really can’t run. No more blocks, no more sprints, nothing. Honestly, running is the only thing that bugs it, and he says all the lifting has made it probably better than it would have been otherwise, so that’s good. But it’s gotten to the point where I can’t walk down stairs without pain.

Eight hour WoD

Posted in rest day on March 24, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was the gymnastics seminar with Carl Paoli of GWoD fame. And I do mean fame. He trains Iceland Annie, Camile LaBlanc, Jason Khalipa, etc., etc., etc. But he is very down-to-earth, funny, self-deprecating, and approachable. The seminar was worth every penny and if he ever comes to a box near you, GO. He only went over four moves: the handstand push-up, the pistol, the muscle-up, and the burpee, but he could have spent the entire eight hours on just one move. It was all about breaking each move into its component parts and finding virtuosity in those using very basic drills. He wanted us to post about having a-ha moments, but there were so many of them. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted, not because it was physically taxing, although parts of the day certainly were (and being in pain after 13.3, particularly in the legs), but I felt like my brain was leaking out of my ears. A lot to think about.

Also, he really stressed that everything leads into everything else. For example, you need to keep your feet together in burpees if you want to be efficient. And you need to use your hips and snap them shut and stand at the same time, which, by the way, is the same mechanism as the muscle up. And the kipping handstand push-up. Mind = blown. Although the fundamentals are very not sexy, he says that practicing them can make the difference between getting a muscle up and not getting a muscle up or getting 10 versus 20. Nail the hollow rock and the world is your oyster. Nail the push-up and the muscle-up and HSPU become your bitches. I’m oversimplifying it, but it is very heartening because these are drills anyone can do. He said to me afterwards that I was meant to be a skill gymnast rather than a strength gymnast, which is appealing because I like to perfect the moves if I can.

Good day.

OMG, MOVE!!/Agility, mobility

Posted in agility, burpees, dips, knees-to-elbows, overhead squats, rest day on January 31, 2013 by coughingsparks

This is a high class problem, BUT, sometimes doing Crossfit at Island is a square peg in a round hole. For a globo, they’re pretty open minded. There are great squat cages. There are kettlebells. There are Dynamax balls. There is one set of bumpers and a platform. There are two Concept II rowers. And, most vitally important of all, there is on-site child care. That being said, at the end of the day, it is still a globo. Yesterday made that painfully obvious. The first part was no problem, 3×4 OHS:


So-so. I ain’t as good as I once was, to quote Toby Keith. The next part was the frustrating part, AMRAP 15 minutes of:

-5 OHS 70% of 4RM, which was 55# (not really, but that’s what I did)
-10 TTB
-5 ring dips (bar dips)
-10 burpees

On my first set, everyone decided they wanted to use BOTH dip stations: the actual dip station with the pads for your back if you want to do leg lifts and the Gravitron (you can do strict dips on it if you kick the foot assist thingy out of the way). So I wait about 10-15 seconds, the clock ticking, and figure no one is moving, so I do the 10 burpees for the round instead. By then, the bar dip station is free, so I knock out my first set, albeit out of order. No big deal. Then, on round two, no problem. Round three, all are tied up, again, so I do my burpees out of order, again. Knock out another five dips on the dip station. On the fourth, the guy doing leg tucks on the bar dip station has stepped away for a rest a few feet from the dip station. I’m impatient, but not rude. I ask if I can jump on for just five. He says, “Oh, I just have one more set.” So I try not to act too annoyed (after all, they have as much a right to be there as I do), and kick the foot thing away from the Gravitron and knock them out there because I don’t have time to explain that 1.) I just need to do five, which will take mere seconds, and 2.) I’m on a timed circuit. He realizes then what I’m doing and sort of is contrite, but by then, I’m back to OHS. I ended up with four rounds, 2 TTB, but the whole thing is sort of wah, wah, waaaah…

Today was an active rest day. That is what I now do on Thursday. I’m going to try and work on some goats, specifically agility, and do the foam roller and tennis ball. Today was a tabata bar hop, because that was miserable for me last week, and I think it’s mostly a matter of practice. So it was lateral bar hop, which was 16, 16, 12, 10, 12, 14, 14, 12. It helps to have music, because that can give a beat for when to jump. I finished with 15 minutes of foam rolling and tennis ball. My shoulders are pretty wrecked from the last few days.

Rest Day/Front squat

Posted in double unders, front squats, L-sits, pistols, rest day on January 24, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was supposed to be a day of Crossfit, but I woke up feeling like I needed about three more hours of sleep and besides, BESIDES, my traps were wrecked and it was a day for a lot of snatch and TTB, both of which highly involve the traps. So I went to Island, dropped Katrina off, and lay on my back and stared at the ceiling. OK, that’s not completely true, I rolled and rolled the tennis ball and the foam roller over every part that was sore and it really helped today. I need to do that more often. I also got, like, a nine-second L-sit, my longest since the baby was born. Also, did you know you can kip a bar dip? I didn’t know that. But this video teaches you how to do it. My mind was blown. And it works really, really well. So simple.

Today was a one rep max front squat to start:


Meets my 1RM. That’s fine for now. My last one was about three months ago.

Finished with the metcon, which was five rounds for time of:

-20 DU
-10 pistols (2″ band looped up top)
-5 double KB squats (55/35)
-1 lung lap (16 total)

I really did 10 pistols, not 10 each side, I hope that was right. I’m not that good at them, even with help and between that and the lunges, I want to be able to sit down tomorrow. I got 12:27. The DU broke down a little in the middle, but I did the last set unbroken. I finished with a reeeeeeeallly long one-arm handstand hold. I’ve been pretty good about Laurie Galassi’s HSPU progression, like 3-4x/week and it’s starting to pay off. That, plus the greasing the groove push-ups.

Happy New Year

Posted in back squats, cleans, front squats, knees-to-elbows, rest day, snatches, wall ball on January 3, 2013 by coughingsparks

On 1/1/13, I started with a 5×3 front squat:


That hasn’t budged in 10 months.

Finished with three rounds of the main site metcon, which was five rounds for time of:

-10 TTB
-10 snatch 75# (55#)
-10 Wall ball 20# (16#)

Finished in 7:36. I probably should have done five, but it occurred to me in the second round that I had only slept about 3 1/2 hours the previous night thanks to a certain sick little munchkin and that you really do need sleep in order to perform. That, plus my forearms burnt out pretty quick.

On 1/2/13, did 5×5 back squat:


That hasn’t budged in 13 months.

Finished with the CFP WoD, which was 10 minutes AMRAP of:

-6 DL (115/75)
-4 FS (115/75)
-2 Squat Cleans (115/75)

Got seven rounds, six DL. I was really hoping for more like 10, but those front squats followed by the cleans are pretty hard. I knew I shouldn’t push it too much because my form was starting to suffer as evidenced by a dull ache in my lower back.

So, into the new year. Everyone is talking about their fitness goals. I know I whinge a lot on this blog about my performance or lack thereof. But the problem with a constantly varied fitness program is that you can suck at almost everything every day, and that can turn each day into a never-ending parade of “I can’t do that.” Nor will I get the practice. There’s just too much. I can’t climb the rope. I can’t do pistols. I can’t do HSPU. I can’t do MU. I can’t really do L-sits, ring dips, oly lifting, agility, etc. Time constraints make practicing these very different skills extremely difficult, so, as I was training on my own, I got good, and even better on things I was already good at, e.g., sub-10 minute Annie, sub-1:40 500m row, etc. However, Crossfit doesn’t want you to focus on one thing and get good at it; that’s the whole point. So, when pistols come back up, I’m no better on them than I was last time, because they’ve only come up a couple of times. Nor am I likely to practice them, because the following day, the focus is on the back squat, or the snatch, or the box jump, or the tabata, or the hollow rock.

As far as I know, there’s no magic bullet to getting better at Crossfit other than doing Crossfit, but I just haven’t been seeing the results that I hoped to see in 2012 and I’m sort of at a loss, adrift, at what to do coming up in 2013. I’m also not sure what makes some people get very good, within a year or two, and some people, like me, just sort of plateau and maintain over a year without any appreciable difference. Obviously, having not enough food or sleep could do it as well. I just want someone to sit me down and say, “Here’s what you should do…”

If nothing else, this is going to the the Year of the Push-up. I have started greasing the groove at home and at work when I think about it, every hour, at least 10, so I end up doing between 50-100 push-ups a day instead of 8-10 on days I work out. I hope it makes a difference, because I want to be better at that.