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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Posted in back squats, box jumps, burpees, pistols, push press, push-ups, rope, snatches on September 16, 2016 by coughingsparks

Tuesday: 10-7-5 back squat with 10-7-5 push press from the floor. I got 140,150,160 and 103,113,123, up 5 pounds and 1 pound respectively.

Wednesday: 10 minutes to 5 RM T&G Power snatch, got up to 100×4. A little curl-y.

WoD: 10-minute AMRAP:

-10 power snatch (95#/65#)
-10 Bar-facing burpees

I got 4+15, I think, on this one. I did well, in any event.

Today: 13-minute AMRAP
-20 pistols
-5 strict HSPU
-10 kipping HSPU
-10 box jumps (30″/24″)
-1 legless rope climb

I didn’t do any of that except the box jumps. I used a band for the pistols, I did 5 pike push-ups and 5 regular push-ups, and I did a regular rope climb. I didn’t do very well, getting 2 + 20, but I also wasn’t trying all that hard as it is a WoD full of things that I am truly awful at. So it was more like strength, really.


Legs are sore

Posted in pistols on June 9, 2016 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 3×5 pistols, which I did with assistance from the rings. It was that or Bulgarian split squats, which I sort of did too. The WoD was 7-minute AMRAP of:

-20 air squats
-10 v-ups

I did suitcases and got 7+15. It was fine at the time, but I am extremely sore today.

Back squats/TTB/Thrusters/Rowing/Cleans/Pistols

Posted in back squats, cleans, knees-to-elbows, pistols, pull-ups, push-ups, renaissance periodization, rowing, thrusters on April 11, 2016 by coughingsparks

Saturday was a heavy set of 5 back squats, which was 175, and it felt pretty great. This was interspersed with 7-7-7 ring dips, which I turned into ring push-ups to sort of fit into my gymnastics progression. The WoD was, for time:

-50 TTB
-30 thrusters (115#/75#)
Six-minute time cap

I scaled the TTB to KTC, which was good because I finished in 5:50. I did end up doing 3-3-2-2-2 strict pull-ups after, which also went well.

Today was, over 10 minutes:

-1K Row
-20 Pistols
-7 HPC (225#/155#)

Only one person did the Rx weight, and he’s headed for Regionals in a few weeks so he doesn’t count. I did it at 125# and modified the pistols and got 3+4, although I did it backwards, cleans and then pistols by accident. I did well on the row also at 3:50. It felt very fast and I wasn’t trying to go fast as it was just the beginning of the WoD.

My weight is back up to 207, which it has been stuck at for about a week now, which is irritating because I am already starving on my current diet plan, and I’m going to have cut because I can no longer explain it with water retention. Hopefully this works. So far, I have been stronger and faster, even without losing a lot of weight, so it seems to be working, but I’m not looking forward to eating less than I already do.

12, 13, 15

Posted in burpees, cleans, dead lifts, double unders, overhead squats, pistols, push-ups, snatches on February 15, 2016 by coughingsparks

2/12: max effort squat clean. Definitely worn out from 30 x 95# power snatches earlier in the week, did 145# and barely even that. WoD was 5 RFT 20 pistols 40 dubs, did 7:50 with modified pistols and 20 dubs.

2/13: 7-minute ascending ladder 3, 6, 9…DL 155# HSPU (Push-ups), got 12 + 24.

2/15: Snatch pull, full snatch, 65#, a lift/complex I don’t really GAF about at this point. WoD: ascending ladder 3, 6, 9…OHS 65#, OTB burpees, 12 + 3.

4 days and continually sick

Posted in back squats, box jumps, burpees, knees-to-elbows, pistols on January 5, 2016 by coughingsparks

12/30: home WoD: 5 RFT 3 wall walks, 18 sit-ups. I definitely half-assed the wall-walks and got 11:55.

1/2: home WoD: 200 lunges, EMOM 8 v-ups (I bent my knees), starting with v-ups: 9:32.

1/4: 16-minute AMRAP: 50 burpee box jumps, 40 TTB, 30 Power cleans (185#/125#), 20 MU. I got 90. I have to be honest, I didn’t take this terribly seriously for a few reasons. First, I hadn’t really done Crossfit in about 11 days, other than the at-home WoDs, and I have been sick for about 4 weeks, so if I breathe too hard, I cough a lot and can’t breathe very well at all, so I would do about 10 burpee box jumps, wait a while, do a few more, wait awhile. It took about 10 1/2 minutes to get through them, actually.

1/5: 200 x 1 back squat and then 175x1x5 in 20 minutes. EMOM: Even: pistols; Odd: DU for reps. Didn’t count them. I was happy that they let us do them banded though, that was nice.

Bag of Goodies

Posted in pistols, pull-ups on November 12, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was a make-up day.  I could have made up yesterday, which I skipped because my daughter didn’t have school, my husband did, and I took her to the indoor waterpark when I might have otherwise gone to Crossfit.  Anyhoo, I made up Monday, which was 20-minute running clock:

10 minutes:

-Every two minutes 10 pistols, preferably weighted

10 minutes:

-Even: max effort bar muscle up (chest to bar pull-up, regular pull-up)
-Odd: 20 air squats as quick as possible

I did my pistols with a band, which I love and hardly ever get to do any more, but it is truly the best scaling, as it is the most difficult and doesn’t mimic the movement–it IS the movement.  I wish they let me use it all the time.  I got 5-6-5-5-5 pull-ups.  I spent the rest of the time doing mobility, which I badly need to do, like a lot more often.

12 Days; That’s no good…

Posted in cleans, competition, dead lifts, jerk, kettle bells, pistols, pull-ups, push press, rope, rowing on October 20, 2015 by coughingsparks

I’ve done stuff, I guess.

10/9: Group WoD, unscored, Russian KBS, V-ups, Rope Climbs, Air squats. Rope climbs were beautiful thanks to aerial class, but definitely still slow.

10/13: EMOM alternating Russian twists (12 kg?), and max effort Z-sit (not L-sit, because I don’t think it’s a viable option for me). Metcon, 4 rounds, every 4 minutes of:

-12 pistols (step-ups on a box–my least favorite scale because it is way too easy to cheat, and if I don’t cheat, it is horrifically slow).
-400m run (500m row)

I got them all around 3 minutes or more. Slowest in class. Tried not to cheat though.

10/14: 12-minutes to heavy clean and jerk. This went surprisingly well and I think I got either 155 or maybe 160. It was a while ago, I don’t remember. I remember it was pretty good though. Metcon: 15-12-9-6-3 CTB pull-ups, Clean and jerk 135#/95#). 10-minute cap, I think. I got through the round of 12, which is what I predicted. I dumped the grips and went back to tape, which was better. I got a round of 5, which is pretty good for me.

10/17: 5×10 DL at 60% (175#) supersetted with 5×10 push press at 60% (95#). This was hilarious because it felt fine at the time, but I’m still sore from it. Over the next few days it felt like I was being beaten by a baseball bat. So sore. But, I did the same number as the boys, so that’s nice.

10/20: 14.1: 10-minute AMRAP 30 DU, 15 snatch (75#/55#). The good news is, I’m not getting worse at this WoD, 170, which is better than last time (166) but not as good as the actual open (183).