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Ambivalent Oly Total

Posted in cleans, jerk, oly total on February 25, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today I started with 5-4-3-2-2 pistols with a green band on the highest bar in the Foundations Room. I could barely do it, particularly on my left leg. Still…I did it. This was extracurricular, really. The actual day started with max effort snatch, followed by max effort C&J for an Oly total, which I’ve never actually done. So, the snatch…sigh. Be ready for a massive amount of fucking profanity.

Can we power snatch? “Preferably not.” That’s a NO. “I know the answer to this question is going to be ‘no,’ but can we split snatch?” “NO.” So, I did full snatch as requested, pleasantly, politely, respectfully, deferentially even, and with an open mind. And then, my frustration pretty much built and stayed up for the entire wretched 15 minutes we had to do this stupid fucking lift that I fucking hate, even after two years of fucking it the fuck up. My power snatch is 110, my hang split snatch is 110, my OHS is 135 (with more there, I think) and even my HANG full snatch is 95, but I could not get beyond 80 today from the flooor to the bottom. Of course, I can power snatch it easily. I can squat it easily and stay down and even have an entire conversation with Head Coach Eamon in the fucking bottom of my fucking overhead squat at 80 fucking pounds. I can hold that fucking shit up all day.

But some stupid shit happens in the middle between the ground and overhead. I pull too early. My feet are too narrow. I lose core tension. I don’t pull myself under the bar. I don’t have the power of positive thought (fun fact I learned today: they’ve added an 11th physical skill to the Crossfit pantheon [strengthstaminaspeedagilityaccuracycardiorespiratory-endurancecoordinationbalancepowerflexibility, and yes, I just did that from memory], which is ‘mental game’ LOL). I fall down (LOLOL). I dump. And dump. And dump. And dump. I hear the words. I know they’re true. But I have a difficult time applying them in the moment. It’s like my brain is disconnected from my spinal cord, won’t transmit those messages to my back, legs, etc., the working parts that can make or break the lift and although, as evidenced above, I have 2+2, I can’t make them add up to 4.


Crazy lady.


The clean and jerk went a whole lot better, mostly because I was angry and I had done 20 cleans at 125# yesterday and I was nice and warm from snatching 80 pounds, like 15 times. And I PR’d, like, 4 things. I did full cleans (for the most part) because, of course “preferably” we squat all the way to the bottom, and I did, with lightning quick elbows. So I did a full clean and split jerk of 155 and then went on the successfully [muscle/power] clean 160, although I couldn’t get it overhead (today). So, that is a C&J PR, a split jerk PR, a squat clean PR, and a power clean PR.

For an Oly total of 235#.

Bring on the fucking Open, I say.