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Ogar My Goodness

Posted in ogar on January 20, 2014 by coughingsparks

We did Ogar on Saturday for Kevin Ogar who tragically suffered a complete transection of his spinal cord during a snatch at the OC Throwdown the weekend before:

14-minute AMRAP:
-3 TNG snatches as the highest weight possible (the injury occurred during this very move)
-1 muscle up (5 pull-ups)
-12 wall balls

I got 6 rounds, 7 using 75# for the snatch and the regular pull-ups. I feel bad because I really wanted to do well on this one, because it is essentially a hero WoD, but I was completely shredded from the previous day’s chipper. I really left it all on the floor Friday and had a phenomenally awesome WoD, but it left me depleted Saturday and I couldn’t even string two pull-ups. That’s what actually slowed me down. I’d like to repeat this on a day when I feel refreshed and awesome, to really do it, and Kevin, justice.

What went well: The TNG snatches were fine and I don’t think I muscled them up too badly, or pressed out too much. The wall-balls were fine, all things considered.

What needs improvement: Pull-ups. I can’t seem to get a good rhythm down, stay tight, or maintain a grip, and sometimes all three.