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Three more days, including Murph

Posted in cindy, double unders, jerk, knees-to-elbows, murphy, overhead squats, rowing on May 31, 2016 by coughingsparks

Saturday was pretty good, 3 RFT:

-500m row
-20 TTB
-10 STO (135#/95#)

12-minute time cap

I did KTC and got it in exactly 12:00. Not too bad.

Yesterday was Murph, which I did like I did it last year:

-2k Row
-10 rounds of Cindy
-5 pull-ups
-10 push-ups
-15 squats
-2K Row

I did way worse than last year, like 9 minutes worse with 57:00. I got it in 48-something last year. I was not at all motivated. Cindy is so boring. I may have to listen to music next time because I just wasn’t feeling it. The rest of the day I was exhausted too, and not in a good way.

Today was a bit of a de-load, 12-minute AMRAP:

-10 OHS light
-40 sec DU
-20 V-ups

I did it at 45# and did suitcases instead.


Memorial Day Murph

Posted in murphy on May 28, 2015 by coughingsparks

Monday was Murph, which I did to the best of my ability, a weird little Murph/Cindy-on-a-Boat:

-2K Row
-10 rounds of Cindy
-5 pull-ups
-10 push-ups
-15 squats
-2K Row

Finished in 48:57.  Mostly, it was boring.  I don’t know what to say about Murph.  It’s a long time domain full of stuff that I hate.  I did the WoD all by myself in a gym full of cottonwood pollen, which was essentially snowing down and getting up my nose.  The one thing I will say is that this was the first version of Murph that I’ve done the Rx movements; the past 2 times, it’s either been with a band, or with knee push-ups, so this is an improvement.  Also, I managed NOT to tear, so that’s good too. Even had a pretty decent kip swing.

Team WoD/Murphy

Posted in murphy, muscle-ups, pistols on May 26, 2013 by coughingsparks

Friday was a team WoD, which was 12-minute AMRAP of:

-20 pistols (alternating partners and legs)
-14 med ball slams (20#, back and forth)
-2 muscle ups (3 pull-ups, 3 ring dips)

We started with 3, 3, 3, 3, but went to 3, 3, 1, 1, 1, etc., when the ring dips got too hard. We ended up with 4 rounds, 27 reps, or something like that. Eamon made me do the hardest scaling yet on the pistols, which was pistol down, squat up, no rolling. It got a little easier towards the end and I only fell down a couple of times. I can’t pistol to a ball or a box for whatever reason, so I have to do something else as a scale.

Yesterday was Murphy, or team Murphy, which is supposed to be:

-1 mile run
-100 pull-ups
-200 push-ups
-300 squats
-1 mile run

I did it in a team of 3, which was still bracketed by a row (2K on either end for me), and the rest of it divided among us. I Rx’d the pull-ups this time, but only did about 20 because my partners were doing the lion’s share, and did the push-ups on my knees, and we finished in 30 minutes.

Get a massage, get a PR. Mergy.

Posted in murphy on November 17, 2012 by coughingsparks

Today, in honor of Veterans’ Day, CFP had a special WoD for charity, which was an individual or team Murphy, with up to teams of three. My parents agreed to watch Katrina at around 10ish so I could go, but I still had a daycare slot at Island at 0900, so I went to the in-house spa instead and got a 30-minute massage. It was great and I need to do it more often. After that, I dropped off Katrina and went to CFP. There were a ton of people, and the team-Murph broke down like so:

-Everyone run one mile
Break up:
-100 pull-ups
-200 push-ups
-300 sit-ups
-Everyone run one mile

Now, I can’t run, because even running around the block hurts my knees and hips but I can sure row, so I asked to sub in two 2K rows instead, changing the name from Murphy to M-ERG-y. I didn’t come with anyone, but one of the other members, Mark, showed up a little after I did and jumped in after my first row so I wasn’t doing the middle by myself. But, BUT. I PR’d my 2K row on the first row, taking off six seconds and getting 7:42 What the what? Probably not the best idea in the beginning of one of the hardest CF workouts there is, but I was still pretty happy. What I ended up doing was:

-2K row (7:42)
-71 pull-ups with the green band
-125 push-ups on knees
-150 air squats
-2K row (8:19)

Oy vey. I finished in 46:32 and we finished in 48:58. The two owners did it individually, with a 20# vest, which is how it is really supposed to be Rx’d and both beat an hour, I think. Sheesh.

I can’t pick anything up off the floor now and my shoulders are sore already, as are my triceps. This one will take a few days to recover from.