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Foundations II, playing with others

Posted in Monday-the-thirteenth with tags , on July 13, 2009 by coughingsparks

My glutes and hamstrings were very sore today after doing all the lunges yesterday and the inverted burpees the day before. Went to Foundations at the track today. We learned med ball cleans. When I clean the barbell, I do a hang squat clean, having never done the full out power clean from the bottom to the top, so that was nice. We also did SDLHP. I had been doing it wrong before, so it was good to have a refresher. We finished the day with a WOD so horrible that I need to think of a sufficient name for it…Monday the Thirteenth, how about? AMRAP in ten minutes of:

-7 Med ball cleans with a 20# med ball
-7 Box jumps (24-inch box; much harder than a 20-inch box, particularly if that’s what you’re used to)
-7 push ups

I croaked through six rounds. Next time I’ll try and hit eight. I definitely need to incorporate more weighted WODs. The travel WODs are great but I’m relying on them too much. I need more Girls and Heroes type of stuff. Came home and greased the groove a little on HSPU progression. My shoulders are also pretty sore, so I am definitely looking forward to my Rest Day tomorrow.