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Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Posted in airdyne, box jumps, front squats, handstand, mary, overhead squats, presses, rope, rowing on May 9, 2015 by coughingsparks

Thursday was a pretty fun, light day.  We did (in any order):

-Max effort nose-to-wall handstand hold
-90 seconds max effort GHD sit-ups
-2 minutes of rope climbs
-90 seconds max effort calories on the Airdyne

I got 41 seconds for the handstand hold, 41 GHD sit-ups, 2 rope climbs, and 36 calories.  I do well on the first rope climb, generally, but on the second, my back says, nope.

Friday was Mary, which is 20-minute AMRAP of:

-10 Pistols
-15 Pull-ups

I got 4 rounds with wall walks and modified pistols.  I was not able to string more than two pull-ups today, but I had a lot of power, so in the third and fourth round, I did them CTB.  When life gives you lemons…And I also tore both of my hands.

Today was a competitor’s day, PLUS a WoD class.  So, before class, I did 4×3 FS:


I am building up in fewer sets because I find it actually can conserve energy when we are doing a whole bunch of heavy sets.  Then I did clean DL, 3×3 at 165#.  Then the WoD class after that, 5×3 press:


That felt pretty good.  I really wanted triple digits.  Thanks to a coaching cue, I really tried to focus on making my rib cage locked down.  Then the WoD was, 8-minute AMRAP:

-5 OHS (185#/115#)
-15 box jump overs

I started Rx, but the weight was stupid heavy.  I bear complexed it up and got 4 on the first round, and had to drop the bar, then another bear complex, one more rep, and then stripped the weight down to 95# and finished the WoD with 3 rounds, 2.  Stripping the bar and bear complexing everything really added more time than I wanted.

Ended with 2-1K rows with a one minute rest between and got 3:44 and 3:53.  Not the fastest I’ve ever done, but also pretty good considering I was very hungry, thirsty, hot, and tired.  I went to Chipotle after that and had them make me a burrito so big it wouldn’t close all the way.



Posted in mary on November 3, 2012 by coughingsparks

Went back to Crossfit Pallas today, with my sister up from New York and sick of the darkness. We had the choice between Cindy and Mary, and I chose Mary, because I didn’t really want to do any push-ups today. Mary being AMRAP 20 minutes of:

-10 pistols, alternating legs
-15 pull-ups

I managed 6 rounds, 5 HSPU, 10 pistols, 7 pull-ups with 3 ABMATs, blue band-assisted pistols and blue and green band-assisted pull-ups. It was good, but even with that much assistance, it was the pull-ups that really got me.