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Lumberjack 20/Noo Shooz!!

Posted in lumberjack 20 with tags on January 2, 2010 by coughingsparks

Today from the Hopper Deck…a joker! I have only two jokers in the deck and they are both the most brutal in the Crossfit canon: one is the Filthy Fifty and the other is the Lumberjack 20. I had never tried the Lumberjack 20 and thank goodness the gym was not really crowded. The Lumberjack 20 is:

-20 Deadlifts 190#
-Run 400m
-20 KB Swings 1.5 pood
-Run 400m
-20 OHS 80#
-Run 400m
-20 Burpees
-Run 400m
-20 Box Jumps
-Run 400m
-20 DB Squat Cleans 30#
-Run 400m

Of course I scaled it, but not that much. First, let me premise this by expressing how much I hate doing dead lifts for time. I scaled them down to 175# and broke it into 5×4, which ended up being 0.75x1RM, as was my intention. I should add that before and after every run was “run up and down 22 stairs” because of the way the globo is set up. I spent a lot of time on the stairs, actually. I scaled the KB swings down to 45#, which is the heaviest KB my gym has. Next time I may go for an Rx’d DB on these.

I scaled my OHS down to 65#. Yes, I am pretty good at the OHS on most days, but it’s completely different sandwiched into a WOD and a lot harder than it looks. They were some shaky OHS, I can tell you that much. Burpees were scaled to push-ups. Box jumps were as Rx’d, except that I stepped down, because I always do. DB cleans were hang power cleans and I used 25#. I should have gone with the Rx’d weight.

All told, 35:14. I wasn’t super-concerned about the time; I was more concerned with making it all the way through the damn thing without stopping. I also didn’t want to completely kill myself on this WOD knowing that this is Day 1 of a cycle. I spent the rest of the day on the foam roller in an attempt to mitigate any soreness tomorrow. I am proud of myself for making it all the way through it and next time I will scale even less.

I then went to Kohl’s and found Converse high-tops on sale for $35, so I plan on using those for lifting from now on.

ETA: Oh, I almost forgot: this month’s fitness challenge at the globo: Pull-ups. Heeheehee…!