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That’s how it starts

Posted in cleans, gwod, knees-to-elbows, pull-ups, rowing on October 16, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday seems like a long time ago. Let’s see. We started with 8-8-7-6-5 CTB strict push-ups using green band. Finished with AMRAP 13 minutes:

-3 squat cleans at 75%
-12 TTB
-400m run (500m row)

I got 3 rounds exactly, using 110#. I had another one of those magical days where I was able to string 3 and 2 TTB. It is a LOT slower than the usual one, swing, two, swing, swing, three. Believe it or not. It was like when I changed how I was doing burpees correctly and those started slower also. I’m not sure what the crap I’m going to do on Saturday, when I have to do them in competition. I’m not looking forward to WoD 2, and I will need some sort of TTB strategy. But there was a day, not long ago, when I simply couldn’t string them at all.

I feel like I need some sort of gymnastics focus. I had a dream the other night that Crossfit had an Open that was had a focus on gymnastics only and I took 11th place worldwide. And Coach didn’t congratulate me, just said I wasn’t allowed to complain at being bad at gymnastics any more. We do a fair amount of gymnastics at CFP and that’s all well and good, but one can hardly specialize in that one thing as a gym, or in any one thing if one is going to call themselves “Crossfit.”

Also, Carl Paoli is a genius. I typed “gymnast” at first, which is also true, but really, he’s a genius. His $295 one-day seminar is worth every penny. However, GWOD is really, really advanced and there’s not a baby version of it, despite his comprehensive library of progressions. There is not a practical, here’s-what-you-go-every-day or every week to get to that point. The push-up/pull-up progression has value in terms of strength (which is 90% of the problem in my case). They are good reference material, but that’s about it.

There are only three big movements in Crossfit that I can’t do AT ALL, and they are all gymnastics-based: the pistol, the muscle up, the handstand push-up. I mean, I’m not even close. And I never will be unless I start working towards that. This is motivated by 1.) the fact that I have improved dramatically with good coaching/applying myself on the kipping pull-up and 2.) TTB and 3.) the dream stuck with me. Complaining about the body God gave me as it applies to gymnastics is counter-productive. Also, I have advantages that a lot of tall people don’t have: I AM comfortable going upside down. I can do a one-arm handstand. I can do 6 strict pull-ups. I can do 2 strict CTB pull-ups. I can do a skin the cat on the rings. I can do a jumping bar muscle-up.

So more. More, more, more.

Now give me my damned rower.


Gymnastic Boogaloo

Posted in dead lifts, dips, gwod, pistols on February 18, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today started out with EMOM 8 minutes of:

-1 muscle up (2 RR)
-2 dips (red band)
-1 skin the cat

I did the first two things on the low rings and the last Rx’d on the high rings because I am just that awesome. Every so often I can pull out a trick, even a gymnastics one. I think skin the cat is fun and feels really good in the shoulders.

Finished with 10 RFT:

-2 DL (185#/125#)
-4 ring dips (red band)
-6 pistols (18″ box)

I got it in 8:30, which is not that bad of a time. The pistols are still very hard for me, even at that scaling, even with the fancy yellow shoes on, which do help. I think I feel the same way about the pistol as I do about the muscle up, that those are moves for other people, not me. Still, with that time, the scaling choices were good ones, IMHO, although I should have scaled up the DL, because 125# was crazy light.

1st GWoD

Posted in gwod, handstand, L-sits on August 27, 2013 by coughingsparks

Oh I am going to die. I did Carl Paoli’s GWoD for the first time ever today and it was really hard even scaled. It was, for quality:

5 rounds:

-5 pike-to-handstand
-5 skin the cats on the rings
-15-second L-sit hold

Mine was pike-to-headstand with the wall and not the best hollow position because my feet smacked the wall a lot at the top, but I more or less kept my legs straight and my toes pointed. I wonder how one progresses up to the handstand (not that I am anywhere near that). My skin the cats were sucky because I definitely did them with zero control, it was mostly kicking and flipping over. My L-sits started with one leg out and quickly devolved into ring support with tucked legs. But at least I did it.

I need a shower.