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Friday (Vest) Fun

Posted in competition, friday fun with tags , on May 14, 2010 by coughingsparks

Today we decided to a weight vest WOD, the same one that Dan and I did back at the beginning of March. Marcus and Dan switched off with the vest, doing five rounds of 225# DL, 10 pull-ups and 10 burpees, but because they were switching off, they got a rest between rounds. I repeated the actual competition WOD of five rounds for time of:

-7 Dead Lift at 155#
-11 Burpees

I took five pounds out of my vest for the Rx’d weight of 15#. Last time I did this WOD, I got 10:16. Today I did a lot better at 8:57. My burpees have gotten better, which was helpful.


Friday Fun

Posted in friday fun with tags on May 7, 2010 by coughingsparks

Today was a group WOD at the globo, a completely made-up one. Marcus said he “wanted to do back.” Mmmkay. So here’s what he and Dan came up with:

Three rounds for time of:

-10 thrusters 75#
-20 rows at 45#/90#
-10 dumbbell snatches each arm at 35#/50#
-10 DU
-20 Box jumps 24″

They wouldn’t let me scale the thrusters or the box jumps because they are big, mean bullies. They refused to go up in the weight on the thrusters too. Anyway, I came in at 18:55 to their 11:30 and 12:05 respectively. It sucked. It sucked.


Posted in friday fun, tire torture with tags , on April 30, 2010 by coughingsparks

Today we went out back behind the globo where the dumpsters are and got out the two giant tractor tires. One of them is 400#, supposedly, and the other is 200#-ish although no one really knows. In any case, one’s big and one’s small. I took to flipping the small one, first 50 flips back and forth. Then we did another 50 with jumping through it in the middle. It was really, really fun. And we got really, really dirty. There’s a trick to flipping a tire that Dan taught me, which is to go in at an angle and push up at about 45 degrees forward and up, rather than getting right up on it and just trying to lift straight up.

Tire flipping is about the best full-body workout ever invented. The reason I can’t type very well right now is because my forearms are completely burnt up. Getting purchase on a tire is not easy, and you end up using your fingers to do it rather than your whole hand, as you would with a barbell lift. After we finished, we went into the globo and Marcus said, “let’s do 100 pull-ups.” Yeah, I couldn’t even do one. I couldn’t get a grip on the bar at all. So we did 100 push-ups and then 50 bar dips. I am going to be crazy sore tomorrow; I can tell already.

I’m also starving…

Friday Fun

Posted in burpees, friday fun, muscle-ups with tags , , on April 2, 2010 by coughingsparks

Another gorgeous day here in Ithaca, and I insisted that we take Friday Fun outside. I brought my rings and we hung them up underneath the northernmost bridge across the Inlet and did MU progressions. I can do a jumping muscle-up from shoulder height now, but it’s really, really hard. We also did L-sits, skin-the-cats, ring dips and inversions. I like to pike hanging upside down and put my knees to my nose; it makes me feel like a circus performer. Being upside-down is fun. We also did 25 burpees just to feel as if we were doing metcon. I then went on to the outdoor pull-up bars and practiced my kipping swing but my shoulders were pretty well done after all the hanging around. I also found blood all over the inside of the tape where my hand had re-opened…I guess I should take a break from the hanging stuff. It’s just so much fun though.

MU Circus

Posted in friday fun, muscle-ups with tags , on March 19, 2010 by coughingsparks

Another nice day today; supposed to do Friday Fun, but it ended up being Dan and I again. So we headed out of the globo, over the bridge, and to the inlet trail with my rings. We hung them up on a suitable branch and just did MU progressions. I can actually do it from about shoulder height. Dan can do them from higher up and I think if we had chalk, he would have gotten one for real. The problem both of us were having was that our hands kept slipping out of the false grip. I’m not close to getting an actual muscle up, but I was still slipping. I did a few skin-the-cats too. It was lots of fun.

Friday Fun

Posted in competition, friday fun with tags , on March 12, 2010 by coughingsparks

My abs are still on fire from the ABMAT sit-ups the other day. I feel like they are barely holding in my guts. My legs weren’t super-sore from yesterday, but fairly tired. I got stood up again today and had to do the WOD by myself, which I think always adds time because I definitely go faster with people yelling at me. Anyway, I did the prescription today from the South Central Sectional, which was for time:

-250m run
-25 Snatches (75/45)
-25 KB swings (55/35)
-25 OHS (75/45)
-25 Box Jumps (20″/16″)
-25 SDLHP (75/45)
-25 Wall Ball (20/14)
-25 Thrusters (75/45)
-250m run

The run was tricky because of how the globo is set up. I basically went outside at the beginning and ran to the bridge and back, jogging through the foyer of the globo and back to the Oly platform, then at the end jogging back outside then sprinting to the bridge again and then back to the door. I was guessing, in other words, but it felt about right. One of these days we should just measure out 100m, 250m, 400m, etc, especially as the weather warms up. In any case, my final time was 16:10, which is really, really slow. The goal was to get under 20 minutes, which I made, but all my buddies got under 13, and I know that they’re stronger and faster, but I really did not go at 100% and I know it.

I finished up with HSPU progression on a bench. I did 2 pull-ups but that was it because my abs hurt so much…

Friday Fun

Posted in competition, friday fun with tags , on March 5, 2010 by coughingsparks

Back in the mix today with another sectional WOD. This one is from the Arnold Sectional coming up in Ohio this weekend. There were just two of us today, myself and Dan. The WOD was five rounds for time of:

-7 Deadlifts (225 for Dan; 155 for me)
-11 Burpees

All while wearing a 15# weighted vest. Dan was supposed to be at 30#, but he scaled it up to 40 and still got 5:29. I did it as Rx’d and got 10:16, so we’ll see how that stacks up to the people competing. Probably not great. Doing burpees with a vest on sucks and I’m not great at burpees on the best of days. I step back rather than flopping. I need to practice it. On the other hand, I did all the deadlifts unbroken, so that was good.

After that I went on to attempt the globo monthly challenge, and I got 80 rounds. I figured out the way to train it, which is to put on a song at 120 bpm and attempt to keep up with it. Even though I am miles ahead of most people on this one, I’m still going to wait until the end of the month to do it officially.