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Impromptu WoD

Posted in burpees, floor wipers, kettle bells with tags , , on September 11, 2011 by coughingsparks

I didn’t think even to work out today much less do metcon, but my husband came back from his weekend in Buffalo early enough for me to rush to Island before they closed. My initial plan was to do an active rest, on the Expresso bike or something. But, lo and behold, who should I run into but my old Crossfitting buddy Marcus, with whom I never get to work out any more.

He asked me if I wanted to do a WoD and I said sure. So we made one up. He had already done some 80 burpees or so but he wanted to do more so he insisted that the WoD include them. Mmmkay. He also suggested KTE and KB snatch with 30 reps of each. He then asked if we should do five rounds it three. Three, definitely. So, here’s the WoD:

Three rounds for time of:

-30 KB snatch, split in each hand (Marcus used a 60# DB and I used a 25# KB)
-30 Burpees (I did squat thrusts)
-30 KTE (I subbed 65# floor wipers, split on each side)

I ended up with 19:07. Marcus finished in 25:44 although he talked to his wife in the middle for a good minute and a half. This was a good one but it definitely gave me a Crossfitter’s cough after. Get *cough* some!


Back Squat Blues

Posted in back squats, floor wipers, push press, SDLHP with tags , , , on August 31, 2011 by coughingsparks

Boyo boy. Started with my new warm-up of pull-ups (5 with 64# assist), dips (9 with 64# assist) and air squats x10, three rounds, and then went on to my first back squat in a reallyreallyreally long time. Boy was it bad and there is a surprising discrepancy between my dead lift 5RM (165# at this moment) and my back squat 5RM (95#. 95 freaking pounds). Here is what I did:


That was rough, to have a 5RM in the double digits. On the other hand, it was a LOW BAR back squat and my form was pretty damn good, if I say so. I want good form, I want to break the plane, I want to stay on my heels, and I am going to swallow my pride to make that happen. Also, squatting has never been my forte. I guarantee it will be better next time though.

I went on to a made-up WOD. I have been making up my own lately in an attempt to trigger what I need, and work around severe fatigue in certain muscle groups at certain times (most likely quads; do I need thrusters? Yes, but…). So, I came up with this:

3 rounds for time of:

-10 Push press 65#
-10 SDLHP 65#
-10 (each side) Floor Wipers, 65#

I got: 7:39. I was going to do five rounds but by round two I was breaking up the push press and I decided that this workout should be heavier weight for a shorter period of time (also what I need; you won’t see me doing a lot of unweighted metcon for a while). I am more likely to scale this one up with weight rather than with rounds, and monkey with the number of times I do each exercise.

I finished with another 30 minutes on the Expresso Bike and had a sneaking suspicion that the course I did today may be simply the reverse of the course I did yesterday. I mentioned to Scott, one of the trainers, that it would be more fun if if were like Mario Kart, rather than just scenery (basically, the Expresso Bike is about four dozen different courses with video, so if you see a hill, it’s harder to pedal and you can shift gears). If you could attack the other riders with banana peels and stuff, it would be more interesting. You could get more points or weapons or goodies by, say, hitting a certain power level for 30 seconds. Someone should invent something like that.

Just couldn’t wait

Posted in floor wipers, presses with tags , on August 22, 2011 by coughingsparks

Technically, my lifting ban is in effect until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t wait and figured that 24 hours weren’t really going to make a difference anyway. Also, as I was doing my 30 minutes on the Arc Trainer, I saw someone doing Fran, so I took that as a sign. So, after my requisite cardio (201.8# this morning–ha! I knew it!), I went down and did 5×5 shoulder press, as my hamstrings are quite sore from yesterday:


The last set was rough, too. I’m just glad, so glad, to be back lifting again. It feels so good after this long away. I wrapped up the day with a made-up WOD, AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

-100 single jumps
-10 floor wipers (each side)

I got in five rounds. I was hoping for six, but I have no abs, so it was as good as it was going to be. I used just a regular barbell, and even that was very difficult, especially at the end. This is not a bad little couplet, actually, even for people who are actually decent at Crossfit. To scale it up, I would obviously use more weight. When I used to do 300, I would use 95 pounds. And of course, make it 100 double unders.

Yeah, not a bad little WOD.