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Filthy 50 Rx’d?

Posted in filthy fifty on April 13, 2013 by coughingsparks

We did Filthy Fifty today and for the first time I did it Rx’d (sort of):

-50 jumping pull-ups
-50 KB swings 35#
-50 walking lunges
-50 KTE
-50 push press
-50 back extensions
-50 wall ball
-50 burpees
-50 double unders
-50 box jumps

I scaled it I guess with 20″ box and 14# WB, but that is scaling that makes sense for women and may be really the womens scaling. I don’t know. I did everything else as Rx’d, and finally did the back extensions Rx’d for the first time ever, being on the GHD, rather than that slanty thing at Island. That makes a huge difference and is much more difficult, to the point of doing them two at a time at the end. As always, the KTE was the slowest at two-at-a-time, but I still did it Rx’d, which is the first time since having Katrina, i think. In any case, I did it in 34:14.


Still not 100%

Posted in filthy fifty on January 12, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today was not the best day ever to take on the Filthy Fifty, but that’s what was up, so that’s what I attempted. My goal was to get through it, just to finish the thing, really. I still don’t feel 100% better, still tired, still slightly off in the belly area, but at least I was able to have a good breakfast for once.

-50 Box jumps 24″ (18″)
-50 Jumping pull-ups
-50 KB Swings 35#
-50 Walking lunges
-50 Knees-to-Elbows (hanging leg curl)
-50 push press 45#
-50 Back extensions
-50 Wall Ball 20# (16#)
-50 Burpees
-50 Double unders

Finished in 33:03, about 25 seconds slower than last time with the exact same scaling (32:38), but I knew I was in trouble from the start, when the box jumps were making my legs just burn right out the gate and I was doing them three at a time. I broke up the KB swings, for goodness’ sake. It was at that moment that I really had doubts as to whether I could even finish the WoD, much less beat last time, or even beat 35 minutes. The other moment of truth was the KTE, at which point I almost quit. These are making me SO sick to my stomach right now, especially after doing 40 TTB Rx’d yesterday (that was much worse though). It was a day to rein these in. Even doing hanging leg curl, I was doing these two at a time.

I got through it. Today, that’s all that counts.

Saturday’s Filthy

Posted in filthy fifty with tags on April 16, 2012 by coughingsparks

Saturday I did Filthy Fifty, even though it was a work day. Amazingly, I made it to the gum on time and even more amazingly, I finished in time as well:

-50 Box Jumps 25″ (I did 20″)
-50 Jumping Pull-ups
-50 KB Swings 35#
-50 Walking Lunges
-50 Knees-to-Elbows (hanging leg curls)
-50 Push Press 45#
-50 Back Extensions
-50 Wall Ball 20#/14# (I used 16#)
-50 Burpees
-50 Double-unders

Did it in 32:38, my fastest time, but not as Rx’d. Still, much better than I thought I would do. Yet again, I had some great runs of double-unders, which really saved my bacon.

Filthy 35

Posted in filthy fifty with tags on February 11, 2012 by coughingsparks

Did the Filthy 35 today, not sure how much time I was going to have. I had about 38 minutes or so, and my absolute record of doing Filthy 50 as Rx´d was, I think, 32:49, so I played it safe at 35:

-35 Box Jumps
-35 Jumping Pull-ups
-35 KB Swings one-pood
-35 Walking Lunges
-35 KTE (I did the hanging leg curl things)
-35 Push Press 45 pounds
-35 Back Extensions
-35 Wall Balls 16 pounds
-35 Burpees
-35 Double Unders

23:23. Felt pretty good, I guess. I was trying to beat 24 minutes, so I managed that. Burpees and KTE, as always, were the hardest, although the wall balls were no picnic either. I´ll have to add another 5 reps next time around, if not going for the full WoD. It all depends on when I do it.

Filthy Fifty

Posted in filthy fifty, friday fun with tags , on February 5, 2010 by coughingsparks

Today’s Friday fun workout was the Filthy Fifty, which I hadn’t done since October and at that point, I had scaled it by subbing floor wipers for KTE, push-ups for burpees, and 3x singles for doubles. Today I did is as Rx’d, except for the wall ball, which was 12#, probably close to the Rx’d weight for women, which I imagine is 14#. For time:

-50 Box Jumps
-50 Jumping Pull-ups
-50 one-pood KB swings
-50 Walking Lunges
-50 KTE
-50 Push Press
-50 Back Extensions
-50 Wall Balls
-50 Burpees
-50 Double Unders

I got 32:49, which is almost three minutes faster than last time, and I did is as Rx’d. Yay! The KTE and the burpees were really, really hard and I was breaking them into sets of five and three, so it took forever. On the other hand, I whipped through the double unders like they were nothing, which made up for lost time. I still need to work on box jumps, burpees, and KTE, and then I’ll be even faster.

I badly need a rest day after going five in a row.

The Filthy Fifty

Posted in filthy fifty with tags on October 25, 2009 by coughingsparks

I woke up today and decided it would be a good day to tackle the Filthy Fifty, a good chunk of which I did as Rx’d. Last time I attempted it I choked about three exercises in, so I was very nervous about doing the WOD today, but, well, there’s a part of the 300 training video where one of the athletes says that if you’re not nervous before your workout, you might not be training hard enough: 00:24:

I mean, it might be macho bulls**t, but I can buy still buy it. I am often nervous before doing the big stuff, like trying to top Grace or Fran, or doing anything 1-1-1-1-1. Anyway, so today was going to be the Filthy Fifty, and I was not going to choke:

-50 24″ Box Jumps (I did 20″)
-50 Jumping Pull-ups (as Rx’d)
-50 One-pood KB swings (as Rx’d)
-50 Walking Lunges (as Rx’d)
-50 KTE (I did 95# floor wipers, 50 on each side, which was plenty hard)
-50 45# push press (as Rx’d)
-50 Back Extensions (I used one of the welded bars of a Nautilus machine and a Swiss ball)
-50 Wall Ball (I did goblin squats with a 25# KB)
-50 Burpees (I did full military push-ups instead which again, was plenty hard)
-50 Double Unders (I did 150 singles)

All told: 35:27, which is just under half an hour faster than when I did it last time, which was in my first week of Crossfit. This was before I knew about scaling anything. I am now at six months, still scale it, although I do all the reps. And yes, I definitely felt like puking afterwords.