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DT, FGB, Monday

Posted in DT, fight gone bad, pull-ups, snatches on August 8, 2016 by coughingsparks

Friday was DT, which is a great WoD and I wondered where it had been all my life, 5 RFT:

-12 DL (155#/105#)
-9 HPC
-6 STO

I got a very good time of 8:14, one of the best of the day, but it’s also all things I’m good at, tossing around a pretty heavy barbell without EVER having to squat it. Yes, ma’am.

Saturday was Fight Gone Bad, 3 rounds, five exercises, one minute per exercise, for reps:

-Wall balls
-Box jumps
-Push press
-Row for calories

I got 270, which broke down as 105, 85, 80. This is by no means a PR, but definitely better than last time. I didn’t fall off as sharply, in other words, and my score was much better as a result. I really make my money on the wall ball, the SDLHP and the push press, not so much on the row. But I like Fight Gone Bad as a rule.

Today was 1 minute on, 1 minute off for 10 minutes of plank on hands, which was OK. I had good music because, like I have been lately, I was by myself. The WoD was:

-3-6-9-12 Snatch (115#/75#)
-9-15-21-27 CTB pull-ups

12-minute time cap

I did it with regular pull-ups and got 65. Because I’m not actually in the class, I missed that you could mess with the rep scheme to finish. Oh well. I got all the snatches. I doubt I would have gotten any more pull-ups any other way…


No engine to speak of, but I can still Turkish Get-Up

Posted in fight gone bad, kettle bells, turkish get-up on November 19, 2015 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was our first Fight Gone Bad in over two years (June 9, 2013 was the last): 3 rounds for reps:

-Wall ball (20/10, 14/9)
-SDLHP (75/55)
-Box jumps (20″)
-Push press (75/55)
-Row for calories

One minute rest

I did fairly dismal at this. Two years ago, I had PR’d with 289, but I only got 256 yesterday, which was broken up as 109, 79, 68. That is a testament right there to just how out of shape I am right now. I did phenomenal…for five minutes, and then experienced a precipitous drop off. It took a while for my lungs to recover too. Apparently, we’re going to be going up on metcon easing into the Open, which is good and I think, very necessary. I can’t blame the gym altogether though, because my sucky schedule has put me down from five days a week to four mostly and sometimes three.

Today was a make-up from Monday, 14-minute EOMOM:

-1 Turkish Get-up per side, straight across for seven sets

I did well on this, 24 kg. I may be the only female who can do a 24kg TGU at my gym, however I cannot even do one pistol. Go figure. The metcon was way too easy, and I should have done the mens’ scaling, 7-minute AMRAP:

-10 Russian KBS (24kg/16kg)
-10 weighted sit-ups (25#/10#)

I got 8 rounds, 15, my limiting factor mostly was just the time that it takes to do the movements. I was not short of breath. It was a nice cool-down after FGB yesterday, but not challenging in the slightest.

Fight Gone Different

Posted in fight gone bad, paleo on August 13, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today was a fight-gone-bad style WoD of one minute x5 x3 with one minute rest:

-HPC (75#/55#)
-Row for calories (25′ wind sprints–not happening)
-Push press (75#/55#)

I Rx’d the entire thing, including the push-ups (12/9/7) and got 229.

I have to apologize in advance, but I have nowhere else to record what I eat, so this is going to be a food journal too (sorry!).

Monday (work day):

-3 1/2 eggs (my daughter ate the rest)
-2 tomatoes
-small handful of cashews
-2 flat peaches
-Coffee with 2 packets Stevia and 1/2 and 1/2
-2 hardboiled eggs
-smaller handful cashews
-Coffee with 2 packets Stevia and 1/2 and 1/2
-scoop of protein powder
-smaller handful of cashews (6-8)
-1/4 honeydew
-2 cucumbers
-2 hardboiled eggs
-Tunafish with homemade herb mayo
-1 jicama
-1 scoop protein
-1/4 honeydew
2320: (just got home from work, still sort of hungry)
-smaller handful cashews
-2 cheese sticks

Because I actually ate at work, I was able to go to bed earlier than usual (2340 instead of 0030), but it didn’t really seem to matter because I dozed off during Katrina’s nap today anyway.


0730 (pre-WoD):
-2 eggs (probably less, my daughter ate most of them and I was out of eggs)
-(therefore) 1 scoop protein
-2 tomatoes
-12-15 cashews
-1 regular peach
-Coffee with 2 packets Stevia and 1/2 and 1/2
1030 (post-WoD):
-3 slices of turkey
-1 scoop protein
-6-8 cashews
-2 peaches
1400 (OMG, STARVING!!!)
-6-oz swordfish steak with olive & orange tapenade leftover (yum)
-Cauliflower puree
-1 jicama
-12-15 cashews
-Coffee with 2 packets Stevia and 1/2 and 1/2
-Kale chips
-Piggery T-burg Griller Sausage with braised savoy cabbage
-Braised cauliflower with fresh rosemary, white wine, pancetta and hazelnuts (yes, I am a good cook)
-Spinach salad with tomatoes (that I grew from seed, thank you very much), Piggery bacon and a dressing of rendered bacon fat and red wine vinegar
-1 flat peach
-1 cheese stick

Today I got way too hungry because I had to pick my daughter up from school at 1200, and then go grocery shopping, and then come home, and then change her and put her down for a nap, which involves reading books, and then unload the groceries from the car, and then put the groceries away, and then and only then, could I eat my lunch. I have to figure something else out because it’s ridiculous to eat lunch at 1400.

Fight Gone Better

Posted in fight gone bad on June 9, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was FGB, 3 rounds for reps of:

-One minute box jumps (20″)
-One minute push press (75/55)
-One minute rowing for calories
-One minute wall ball (20/10, 14/9)
-One minute SDLHP (75/55)
-One minute rest

I got 289 (106, 93, 92), which improves over my last score of 242 by 47 points, by far a PR at this scaling. Who knew? I guess I have gotten better at some things.

Fight Gone Somewhere Else

Posted in fight gone bad, handstand on January 4, 2013 by coughingsparks

The mainsite posted a really good Handstand push-up progression yesterday, which is what I started with after doing some warm-up exercises, which was handstand push-ups 5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5 with progressively longer ROM. I did 8-6-4-2-4-6-8 using risers and the pink rubber thingy at Island, doing three risers, two, one, and attempting none and not having very good luck, and then going back up again. I didn’t know you were supposed to break at the shoulders first. Makes total sense of course, but I thought you broke at the elbows. Who knew?

The metcon was an FGB style three by five one-minute rounds with a one-minute break for reps of:

-KB swing (16/12kg)
-Box jump (30″/24″)
-Hang to high pull (70/45)

I got 313, which is pretty frackin’ good. I had a (two, actually) ridiculous equipment malfunction, wherein the wristband on my watch caught my headphone cord and ripped it off my ear where it dangled helplessly while I tried to finish out the high pull without making the problem worse. The KB swing and the high pull were the give-away as far as I was concerned although I stopped by CFP after to see how my score stacked up and was told that for most people it was the push-up (wah, wah, WAH…). Not a surprise, really, but I did OK despite it. I didn’t keep track of individual rounds because I think that tripped me up doing FGB last time by myself.

Fight Gone Badly

Posted in dips, fight gone bad, front squats, knees-to-elbows on December 10, 2012 by coughingsparks

Saturday was Fight Gone Bad at CFP, but I couldn’t go because I had to work, so I had to do the WoD by myself at Island, which I could do as Rx’d (sorta) because one of the rowers is currently downstairs for the fitness challenge of 500m. I scored 242, which SUCKS. Here’s how that broke down:

Row for calories: 22-19-18
Wall Ball: 13-12-8
SDLHP: 19-16-17
Box Jump: 13-13-10
Push Press: 15-13-12

Compared to last year (247):

Row: 21-18-16
Wall Ball: 13-8-8
SDLHP: 25-21-15
Box Jump: 18-15-16
Push Press: 18-16-19

Took a huge dive on the last three, which doesn’t even make sense, but I have some theories as to why that is. First, even though the rower is downstairs, it is still a good 50 feet from the rack where I was doing the other stuff, so I lost time there. Second, no bumpers means not being able to drive from the floor on SDLHP, which is usually a much stronger event for me. I was using regular plates on a 45# bar and so had to slow the descent rather than using bumpers. Third, I was using a heavier ball 16#. Lastly, doing Fight Gone Bad alone is just not right. You need someone else to score you because trying to score and do the WoD at the same time is really difficult and you also need that person there to keep you going. FGB is a mind game and it’s easy to get psyched out because it’s such a hard WoD. In short, I really want a do-over, at CFP or another real box.

Today was 4×3 front squats, which went not as well as I had hoped:


I did 145 at CFP a few weeks ago, but today I almost dumped the second rep and DID dump the third, sort of knowing that I would. Oh well.

Finished with a WoD that was 4 rounds for time of:

-3 Front squats (80% = 105) pulled from the ground
-6 ring dips (bar dips, unassisted, Ha!)
-9 TTB (Rx’d, Haha!)
-12 med ball slams 16#

Finished in 11:34, which is glacial compared to the other kiddies, but I can’t really feel too bad because I was really close to doing it as Rx’d, which not everyone was.

Friday Gone Bad

Posted in fight gone bad with tags on November 25, 2011 by coughingsparks

So, did Fight Gone Bad today because my sister is in town and she has never done FGB before, so I thought it might be fun; besides, it had been just over two months since I did it last: long enough to (hopefully) see some improvement:

Three rounds of five one-minute sets of
-Row for calories
-Wall ball for reps (16#, supposed to be 14#, but we didn’t have that)
-SDLHP for reps (53#)
-Box Jump 20″ for reps
-Push press for reps (53#)

I got:

Row: 21-18-16
Wall Ball: 13-8-8
SDLHP: 25-21-15
Box Jump: 18-15-16
Push Press: 18-16-19

For a grand total of 247. When I did it back in September I got 202, so woohoo! My breakdown last time was:

Row: 21-18-17, so that was almost identical
Wall Ball: 6-7-6, much better at that
SDLHP: 18-16-13, better there too
Box Jump: 13-13-12, a lot better there as well
Push Press: 17-12-13, so better there too

It’s interesting to compare round to round like that. I have done a few wall bell and push press and box jump metcons since then and have made some fairly significant PRs, so I’m pretty happy with my score.

My sister did scaling with 8# ball and 38# SDLHP and push press and got 220, so I thought that was a good scaling choice. And she said she liked it better than Karen(!). Go figure.