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Five of Six, Six of Six

Posted in box jumps, elizabeth, overhead squats on May 4, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was this:

-30 Box jumps (24″/20″)
-5 OHS (135/95)
-25 box jumps
-10 OHS (115/85)
-20 box jumps
-15 OHS (95/75)

I did it with 85/75/65 and got 15:33. I think.

Today was Elizabeth, which was

-Squat cleans (135/95)
-Ring dips

I did it with Rx’d weight and push-ups and got 16:52. I think.

Yes, that’s slow, but 95# gets very heavy, very quickly. I dumped the weight probably six times. The good news is 1.) I did it Rx’d (I think I’ve always power cleaned it, and apparently, it’s supposed to be squat cleans, which are way harder) and 2.) I did full-on push-ups, no knees. And I don’t think I bent too much at the waist.



Posted in elizabeth with tags on September 17, 2010 by coughingsparks

So I’ve only done Elizabeth one time, which was back in December, and I got 9:20, but the a lot of the dips were on the bench. Elizabeth is 21-15-9 cleans and ring dips. Today I did it with the same weight, 95#, and scaled it with the red band and bar dips. I did a lot slower at 12:20, but I’m not sure if that’s an improvement because of the scaling or a pathetic add on because it is three minutes slower. I don’t know.


Posted in back squats, elizabeth, push-ups with tags , , on December 18, 2009 by coughingsparks

I had sort of a meh day today. I started with Week 2 of the Hundred Push-Ups plan. I’ve neglected this for a while and until I can meet the max, I’m not moving on to Day 2. I did 14-14-10-10-8; max was supposed to be 15. I then went on to 5×5 back squat, again really focusing on breaking at the hips first, which 1.) saves my knees and 2.) keeps my heels glued to the floor. I did better than I usually do at:

95×5 (warm up)

Next to me, two other CFers were doing Elizabeth (the six of hearts in my hopper deck) as Rx’d and asked if I wanted to try. I scoffed and said no, and they finished and left. I felt bad afterwords, so I attempted Elizabeth with 95#, which is the women’s weight. Elizabeth is:

-Ring dips

I timed my effort with a sundial. I did bar dips to begin but then someone was using the station so I subbed in bench dips at the end. I have to say I have never cleaned that much weight once in my life, much less 45 times. I missed the lift once, but other than that, I did OK, although it was very, very slow at 9:20. I sort of wished that I had my rings and a resistance band because doing bench dips was way too easy and I felt like I was cheating. I think I have to do Elizabeth on a Saturday when no one’s in the globo.