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Gun-shy rope climb, awesome Airdyne

Posted in airdyne, eat to perform, rope, running on July 2, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was one of those weird test days, 30 minutes to do:

-2 minutes of rope climb
-90 seconds of GHD sit-ups
-2 minutes of shuttle sprints
-2 minutes Airdyne for calories

I got 2 rope climbs, which is what I got the last time we did this. The staph infection has made me a little gun-shy of the rope climb, not that I’ve ever been, like, phenomenal at doing them.  I did a good bit of mobility prior to climbing the rope, but my back is still a bit of a wreck.  I also had a lot of missed attempts.  It’s like my body doesn’t want anything to do with climbing the rope. Got 30 GHDs, which is worse than last time but again, wasn’t really feeling it with my back and I kept sliding off the back of the GHD, making it more of a crunch.  I got 10 sprints, which, for a non-runner, is not too bad.  Last was the Airdyne, which I dominated at 42 calories, the best of the day up until then.

There were only three people in class, so I spent the rest of the time on the fancy InBody scale in the dog hair trap office (“we just mopped yesterday, but with the three of them…”).  Survey says: 204.9 pounds, 22% BF.  BOO!  Like I said, it’s not that I’m mad for aesthetic reasons, I just really don’t want to be going into a (bunch of) gymnastics cycle(s) with 45# of fat on me. That’s a barbell worth of fat.  In any case, I’m back on the horn with ETP to tweak my macros and help me figure out exactly WHEN I’m supposed to be eating WHAT because clearly, being left to my own devices is not working.



Posted in box jumps, dead lifts, eat to perform, presses, push press on March 5, 2014 by coughingsparks

So, I’m doing an experiment. I’m going to try Eat to Perform for a little while and see how it fits. The above four numbers represent (according to them) my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure), my grams of protein, grams of fat, and grams of carbs. This is what I’m getting assuming that my body fat percentage is still around 18%, which is what it was back in August. I might be fatter now, I don’t know. My measurements are the same. The calipers are more generous than the measuring tape; I will say that. So, between 18-22%.

That’s still a lot of carbs, WAY more than I am eating now. But, as an experiment, this morning I basically subbed in carbs for fat, having 3/4 cup white rice with a drizzle of honey rather than my usual 1/4 cup of walnuts. And holy shit. What a difference, already. It may have been a placebo effect, but I felt 180 degrees different. And as far as performance is concerned, it was pretty damn good.

We started with 5×5 press:


I was so close on that last set and wanted it really badly, because it would have been a 10# PR, but it was not to be. Still, I don’t think I’ve ever hit 95 for 5 and it went up easily. We interspersed with max height box jumps, which I have never, ever done, so I did 30″ like a chicken. Definitely can go higher. Some day.

Finished with 5RFT:

-10 push jerk (115/85)
-10 DL
-10 box jump (24″/20″)

10-minute time cap

Got 7:42 with the first four rounds unbroken. Good day, definitely. Went home and had a banana and 2 scoops. I’m going to keep this up and see what happens.

Also, I’m starting a new progression of strict pull-ups, for anyone who cares.