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Tons of updates

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DL 5×4, 205, 205, 220, 220, 235. This did not go well. I got through the first four sets just barely, and then couldn’t complete the fifth, even at 220. Just sore and tired. Interspersed with 15 push-ups, which I started strict and then ended up doing knees, because it was going to be better form anyway. The WoD was:

-100 DU
-40 KB snatch 32kg/24kg
-100 DU

8-minute time cap.

I did it Rx’d, sort of. The first 100 DU were supposed to take no more than 2 minutes, but I had done 75 in that time, so moved on to the KB snatch, which I did at 16kg, because 24 is redonkulous, even for a brick shithouse like myself. So I did the KB snatch, and then did 125 DU, and finished in 7:51

10/15: 5 RFT:

-15 CTB pull-ups
-30 pistols

15-minute time cap

I did regular pull-ups and scaled to 12kg front-racked lunges and still only got 3+4. Not a surprise. I am suck-tastic at both of those things.


10-minute AMRAP:

-20 Russian KB swings 32kg/24kg
-15 BBJO 24″/20″
-1 rope climb

I did 2+25, or something like that. The burpee box jump-overs took forever.


5 rounds of 2 minutes on, 2 minutes off:

-50 DU
-10 STO 165#/105#

I’m proud to say I was the only female of the day, at least in my class, who did the Rx’d weight. And I’m still sore two days later. I did 40 seconds of DU, ranging between 22 – 31 and got 24 TTB, which was the score. I’m proud of doing the weight Rx’d though and doing it unbroken thankyewverymuch.


7×1 DL: 225, 225, 245, 245, 260? I think? It was heavy… There were also sets of ring dips, 3-5 between these, and I did better with them than I had initially thought I would. I always think that I suck at ring dips, and I sort of do, but I’ve also been doing them on my own and I was able to do the three, almost every round. Anyway, WoD was:

-800m run (row)
-15 Bar-facing burpees
-15 thrusters 95#/65#

7-minute time cap


I just made stuff up today because I had already done all the programming for the week. I did 3-position cleans, which went less well than I’d hoped, only getting up to 125#. I finished with Helen-on-a-Boat, which I PR’d, incidentally:

3 RFT:

-500m Row
-21 KB swings 24kg/16kg
-12 PU

Finished in 12:57, about 15 seconds faster than my last PR, which was a year and a half ago.


Snatch EMOM

Posted in dips, double unders, snatches on September 20, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today was a 15-minute EMOM:

-5 squat snatches
-5 strict ring dips
-50 DU

I did OK. I did the squat snatch at 55#, which is very light, but they looked and felt pretty good. The ring dips I did with a red band, the lightest. I got between 44-50 DU and made it through on the last three rounds.

Three More Days

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Wednesday was this complex:

-Clean (squat, obviously)
-Hang clean (squat)

I got up to 145.  Eh.  Not too bad.  Not too great.  The WoD was 5-minute AMRAP:

-1 DL (225#/155#)
-1 squat clean
-1 FS
-1 Jerk

No one did it as prescribed.  I did it at 125# and got 7+2, which is about what most people were getting.

Yesterday was a make-up from Monday, which was 4×5 Back Squat at 80%, which LOL.  I did it at 155#, and it felt heavy.  It was super-setted with 4×5 ring dips, which I put a toe down for because I’m not that good at them anymore.  I finished with a fairly successful Flight Simulator.  I didn’t time it because I still hadn’t done it completely, 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 DU.  I did almost all of them in two attempts or less.

Today was a repeat of 15.3, which for me was 14-minute AMRAP:

-50 wall balls 10# 9’/14# 9′
-200 single unders

Last time I did this I got 786.  Today I got 764.  I should have listened and not done the first set of wall balls unbroken.  That was stupid.

Another 20RM fail and a critical decision

Posted in back squats, dips, double unders, presses on July 15, 2015 by coughingsparks

Saturday was a big day for weight lifting and I failed at the dips, getting 3-3-2, I think, instead of 4-4-4.  Did 3×8 Pendlay rows at 115#. Then I failed at the 20RM back squat:


The 3RM press went OK:


Finished with another pretty bad Flight Simulator, which I’m not going to post, because it doesn’t matter.  I think my max set may have been 26.  In any case, I made the decision to drop Competitors’ because all I am really doing, especially this cycle, is beating my head against the wall and it’s not fun, it is just stressful and is making me miserable so I am officially done, off the roster, out of the program.

12 minutes or 20 minutes?

Posted in back squats, dips, double unders, rowing on July 8, 2015 by coughingsparks

Saturday was big weight lifting, which I once again did with company.  Started out with Pendlay rows (10-10-10? at 115#) and dips 4-3-3.  Then onto 3×5 clean pulls at 100%, which was 165#.  Then the 20RM back squat, which was this:


This continues to be difficult, but once again doable.  Weirdly, my calves hurt afterwards, just like last time.  The final thing we did was 2 RFT:

-100 DU
-1K Row

I knew, in looking at this, that it was either going to take 12 minutes, or 20 minutes, depending on how I did with the jump rope, as the row was going to take somewhere around eight minutes with minimal variation.  The DU went about as bad as they could go and I was doing them 2 at a time.  So, it was 20:24.  Definitely the slowest time of the group.

20 RM success

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Saturday was a big lifting day. Started with Pendlay rows and dips, 10-10-10 at 115#(?), I think, and 3-3-2 dips. Then went on to the 20RM back squat, which I did successfully, but at lighter weight:


Mind you, it was still hard, but I did do it, with some cheering on by my impromptu lifting buddy, a 20-year old swimmer with aortic valve disease that makes him not be able to lift more than half his body weight. So, instead of doing a 20RM back squat, he had to do 20 unbroken jumping squats with 95# front racked. Poor bastard. Nice kid though. I miss being 20, when I knew everything too…

Then did the WoD, which was 7-minute AMRAP:

-10 box jump overs
-60′ sprint to bay doors and rig

I actually did jump this time, every time, and stepped down, which was more athletic, but also slower. I got 7+3, I think. Then did 10-10-10-10 good mornings at 45-65-65-65. Finished with 2xME z-sit, which was 15 seconds each, I think, then hanging L-sits x2, which was around 5 seconds. Then ME hollow body hold x2, which was 21 seconds each. Finished with 4×10 reverse hypers at 140#.


Posted in back squats, dips, double unders, pull-ups, push-ups on June 19, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was the first of the 20RM back squat, which was a complete Fail Whale.  The idea is to do it at 70% of your 1RM and then put on 5# per week after that if you are a female and 10# per week if you are a male.  That’s 161# for me, which is pretty close to my 5RM back squat.  But I tried anyway.  You’re supposed to work up in sets of 5 or so and then rest for a while and do 20, but I wasn’t even near that:


I told the coach that I didn’t make it and what should I do, and he said to rest for a bit and then do a set of 8 if I could, which I did.  Now I have to figure out if I should drop the weight and do 20 next time or leave the weight and try to do more reps each week?  We’ll figure it out I guess.  I didn’t even go with 70%.

Next was 3×5 clean DL at 100%, which was 165#.  Then doing the weird new spreadsheet gymnastics, 3-2-3-2-3-2 alternating pull-ups and dips, then 8-8-8 push-ups.  It was OK.  Now is not the best time to be carrying around extra weight, I will say that.  Finally, we were supposed to do a 2-mile run.  I couldn’t really think of a good substitute on the rower (4000m? Nah…), so I subbed in the Flight Simulator, which went a lot better than the last time I did it; these are DU, 3 attempts at each before moving on:

-10: 10
-20: 5-7-13(F)
-30: 26-11-30
-40: 40
-50: 41-45-19(F)
-40: 8-40
-30: 7-30
-20: 20
-10: 5-2-10

I didn’t bother to time it because I would like to actually make it all the way through it before worrying about doing it for time, but I only missed two sets, so a lot closer than last time.

I’ve stopped checking the competitors’ Facebook because it was making me sad, but I broke my embargo just now to see if anyone made the 20RM back squat, and it turns out, I need to stop checking because it makes me sad; so far, I’m the only one who didn’t make it.  OK, no more checking, except updates.