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Posted in diane on August 2, 2016 by coughingsparks

Diane has always been a bit of a crapshoot for me, and I don’t think I’ve ever done the same scaling twice, 21-15-9:

-DL 225#/155#

I did it with regular push-ups and got 6:02, so that’s good.



Posted in diane on March 17, 2016 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was a Diane-ish workout, 21-15-9:

-DL (225#/155#)
-Pistols (total)

I did it with regular push-ups and modified pistols and got 10:11. I’m pretty slow right now and I should probably lose some weight. My apathy has sort of gotten the better of me lately, so it’s been very difficult to stay motivated and I have not been able to do much with any intensity. I’m getting worse at Crossfit, but I’m having a hard time really caring that much. :S

Extremely quick and easy Diane.

Posted in diane on January 7, 2016 by coughingsparks

We did a bunch of strength stuff yesterday like 4×10 ring rows and 4×10 standing KB press, which I did at 16kg per hand, which was slightly too heavy, but 12kg was too light. It was in lieu of HSPU, of course. The WoD was Diane:


-DL 225#/155#

I’ve done this WoD about seven times, each time with slightly different scaling. Because of my lovely chronic cold, I did the easiest possible HSPU scaling of knee push-ups and got the lightning-quick time of 4:34. I did the DL unbroken. I have no basis for comparison, but it was pretty good.

Dead Lift/Diane

Posted in dead lifts, diane on April 5, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was a 1RM DL, which met a PR:

-245×1 (bad rep)

Wasn’t really feeling it, but met the PR, so that’s OK. Finished with Diane:

-DL (225#/155#)

I scaled using 24″ pike box and got 7:28. The DL were unbroken.


Posted in box jumps, burpees, cleans, diane on January 7, 2014 by coughingsparks

I was feeling sluggish this morning, and it was bitter cold outside, which didn’t help anything. And I was late to the gym, as I have been the past few mornings. I was on time, and just as we were putting on Katrina’s hat, she said, “Mommy, I have poopy.” Four little words. So I was late.

The WoD was AMRAP 15 minutes:

-10 power cleans 115#/75#
-10 burpee box jumps
-10 DL 115#/75#

It was meant as an “engine check.” I hate it when they say that. “Engine check.” For heaven’s sake. I got 5 rounds, 5, which was OK. Unsurprisingly, the burpee box jumps were the difficult/slow part.

What went well: The barbell stuff went well. I was losing tension on the cleans, apparently, and I tried to fix that, and the rest went OK.

What needs improvement: The burpee box jump.

Uneven Diane

Posted in diane on October 20, 2013 by coughingsparks

Friday was the benchmark day with Diane:

-DL (225#/155#)

I did it with the Rx’d weight and started with 2AM for the first 21(!), then had to go to regular push-ups in 15 and 9 rounds, for a time of 10:48. It was funny with the DL too. We did it in two heats and so had a person who was going to go on the same barbell, but after, cheering/scoring. I had a guy partner, who I often end up buddied with because we are of a height. He asked what weight I wanted to warm up with and I said 135# and he asked me if I was sure and I said that I definitely was sure. He asked if I was sure I wanted to Rx the weight I said that I definitely wanted to Rx the weight and that I would likely do it unbroken.

I did do it unbroken, and it was not particularly difficult. I mean, it was, but not really a horrible struggle and I know that I can do these unbroken. THAT SAID. I did the 15 in about 30 seconds or so, which was a problem because I had done the 21 HSPU with 2 ABMATs, and towards the end, I was doing then one at a time. So, because I am so SUPER STRONG at the dead lift, I had virtually no break and so failed about three times on the handstand push-ups in the 15 round.


What went well: The dead lift. A few of the handstand push-ups were pretty good, efficient, with head through.

What needs improvement: The rest of the handstand push-ups. As always.


Posted in diane on January 26, 2013 by coughingsparks

Got to go to CFP today, which was great, particularly because I don’t get to go on Saturday very often and I got to meet some new people, as well as seeing people that I don’t get to see very often. So, after a very, very long warm-up, including a work-up into DL and a lot of loosening the hamstrings, we did Diane, which I haven’t done in about 2 1/2 years:

-DL (225/155)

I did it Rx’d for DL and three ABMATs for HSPU and got 7:01, which is about a minute faster than last time with maybe harder scaling? I don’t know. I did it with pike push-ups last time, so it’s hard to say. I did the first and last set of DL unbroken, so that’s good.