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Just call me the in-town beast

Posted in bear complex, burpees, pull-ups on June 3, 2014 by coughingsparks

I guess I brought a little of that out-of-town awesome back to CFP. Yesterday was the pull-up progression (8-8-7-6-5) on the thick red band, which went fine. The WoD was 4 RFT:

-5 Bear complex (185#/115#)
-25 burpees

15-minute time cap

No one made the time cap, even scaled. Knowing that, I decided to be the first person to do it Rx’d. 115# is really, really heavy in a WoD like this. I also didn’t go behind the neck, just front squat and push press x2 each time. Still. For me, this is actually harder because I suck at front squatting. In any case, I treated the whole thing as strength work with some burpees thrown in and got 2 rounds even, a perfectly respectable score in the context of the rest of the gym and the only Rx’d weight, so it felt good.

Also, my knee sleeves came in and I got to wear them and I love them.



Posted in bear complex, front squats, push-ups on December 5, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today, I am baking my new lifters onto my feet because why not? They have a feature that allows you to do that and I had ice skates like that once. Besides, it feels good. Anyway, yesterday was 3s on the front squat and I did fine:


That last was my old 1RM so progress! Definitely a post-baby PR, and meets my pre-baby PR. Finished with EMOM bear complex x20 minutes for weight at 60% of 1RM jerk:

-Front squat (may squat clean for both)
-Push jerk
-Back squat
-Push jerk (BTN)

I did it mostly at 85#, but realized about 12 minutes that it was way too easy and switched to 95#, which was still easy. I don’t always know what to do on a bear complex because it is really easy to underestimate how hard it’s going to be, particularly on a long one like this one. I really did focus on form though…

What went well: Front squat PR! Pretty solid bear complex, looked good (I think).

What needs improvement: The front squat always needs help, I guess.

Went home early and did Day 10 of the push-up progression 6-6-5-4-3.

Goodbye Island; Hello Pallas.

Posted in bear complex on March 12, 2013 by coughingsparks

So, the Band-Aid came off today. Quick and painful. Although it wasn’t really a big deal. I cancelled my membership at Island. I have nothing against them, but after going consistently to CFP five, six times a week since Katrina started school, well, I just can’t face doing WoDs alone at Island, nor can I see getting 28 visits in 3 months to maintain my employee discount. I have to credit Island for my post-Katrina bounce-back and my initial forays into Crossfit. For a globo, Island, yer not bad. I feel like I’m divorcing my homely but faithful wife for the hot chick. But she is one HOT BITCH. Good bear complex today:

30 reps for time/weight:

-Front squat
-Push press (or cluster for all three)
-Back squat
-Push press (jerk)

I got 12:53 at 80 pounds. The most I’ve ever got on a bear complex of any flavor is 75, although that was one of those sets of 7×5 where you can’t drop the bar. I think I could probably go heavier (although I had the slowest time in class, but not for the day). Tim of CFP had good advice: go one at a time, even at the beginning, with 10 second rest, until you can’t anymore. It was good, slow, steady, consistent, with not bad form.

10!, Just Nine Minutes, Bear

Posted in back squats, bear complex, box jumps, dead lifts, just nine minutrs, overhead squats on September 4, 2012 by coughingsparks

OK, starting with Saturday. So-so overhead squat:


I then went on to a pretty good one of my own making, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1:

-20kg decline sit-ups
-Box jumps 20″

Got it in 11:33, again harder than I thought it would be, particularly the sit-ups. The box jumps were most assuredly the easy part.

Yesterday, did an OK back squat:


I don’t feel great about the last one because I’m not sure it completely would have counted; I don’t think I broke the plane every time. Oh well. Finished with CFNYC’s Just Nine Minutes, AMRepsAP three rounds of:

-One minute HPC 95/65
-One minute Front Squat 95/65
-One minute Push Press 95/65
-One minute rest

Managed 139, which is only four off from my PR.

Did a marginal dead lift today:


Finished with the Bear complex, five rounds of seven reps each, one following the next:


Done for weight, not for time. Got 45-55-65-70-75, meeting my PR. Yes!

Swimming/Bear Complex

Posted in bear complex, presses, swimming with tags , , on May 5, 2012 by coughingsparks

My lower back is not so great. But, I have an appointment with the chiro next Friday, so hopefully all will be well soon.

I did a swim yesterday, which was not timed; I was just trying to get from one end of the pool to the other. Not so easy when you suck at freestyle. But I persevered, even though I was frustrated and I can do one lap of freestyle without stopping. That’s down, but not back. More practice is needed.

Today, I did a 5×3 press, which was a pretty poor showing:


Got the 95 up just barely. Finished with a Bear Complex that was actually pretty good, five rounds for weight of:

-7 HPC
-7 PP
-7 FS
-7 PP
-7 BS

I did 45-55-60-65-70, 10# heavier than last time and 5# from my PR. Not too shabby.

Is no diet a diet?

Posted in back squats, bear complex, front squats, paleo, rowing with tags , , , , on February 7, 2012 by coughingsparks

I’m fairly confident I’ve discovered why I’m plateauing, like yesterday’s back squat:


Or backsliding like yesterday’s 500m row at 1:46 or today’s front squat:


I also did a bear complex (x4 rather than 5 because of time constraints), un-timed:

-7 HPC
-7 FS
-7 PP
-7 BS
-7 PP

If you let go of the bar you have to start over again, and you do it for weight, so I got 45-55-60-60. My record is 75, but this is one of those WoDs that looks really, really easy the weight looks light until you actually do the thing and it’s really, really hard.

Anyway, the secret to my dismal performance is most definitely my diet. It’s not even that I’ve been eating bad. I am not perfectly Paleo, although I try. I eat legumes sometimes, yogurt a lot: Greek yogurt, which is loaded with protein, and I even eat bread and cereal every so often because bread tastes really good (especially my Tuesday Wegman’s sub: Danny’s Favorite) and because Cream of Wheat is a comfort food at the end of a 12-hour shift. But I do try and keep my diet fairly clean.

And yes, lately my diet has been worse than usual because of my significant dental work. I had 14 fillings in 6 weeks, maxing out my dental insurance for 2011 and 2012, plus paying out-of-pocket around $2000, not counting my $500 mouth guard ’cause I grind at night. Anyway, my teeth are now super-sensitive, so anything too hot or too cold is excruciatingly painful. I am on the maximum dose of ibuprofen still, just so I can eat anything. The problem with a Paleo diet is most of what you eat is chewy (meats) and/or crunchy and cold (raw veggies and fruit).

But this is not the biggest problem, although it is a contributing factor. The biggest problem is work. I don’t eat at work and I worked the last 3 days in a row. For example, yesterday, all I had between breakfast and midnight was a can of garbanzo beans with some vinaigrette on it (then I went home and ate my Paleo lunch and went to bed). The day before, all I had was a yogurt and half a melon. I’m not anorexic; I love to eat, but at work, there are often no breaks at all, and if you eat at your station, family members stare at you like, “what are you doing eating while my mother/brother/husband/lesbian life partner is lying here with a broken leg?” Most nurses get over that and just eat, but I’ve always found it difficult to eat when someone is staring at me with hostility. IDK. So, I have to figure something out because my muscles are literally wasting away; I’m losing weight, and not in a good way.


1/2 Dumbbell Bear

Posted in bear complex, dead lifts, overhead squats with tags , , on September 18, 2011 by coughingsparks

I went to Island this morning to lift, specifically to dead lift because I hadn’t dead lifted since September 7th(!). I started with a so-so overhead squat:


I stopped there because the whole thing was feeling shaky. I went on to what was, I thought, a spectacular dead lift:


The 180 is a new PR, and even surpasses my 3RM, so yay! I was doing it in a squat rack, but at 135 I put on 45 pound bumpers, which made the lift feel better. I was hoping for 175 today, and I got it and it was just a little to easy to quit on. Crazy though that it’s almost twice my 5RM on the back squat.

Finished with Crossfit Virtuosity’s dumbbell bear complex, or I should say, half of it:

Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes do:

-5 DB Dead lift
-5 DB Thrusters

So, I did it for 10 minutes and got 30-27.5-25-25-20-20-20-17.5-17.5-17.5. What killed me on this WoD (and why I didn’t do 20 minutes) was the thrusters. It’s a bit of a goat for me and was one of those things where the first two are way too easy and the last us damn near impossible. I suppose I could have gone down to 15 and 12.5 and so on but 1.) I want to be able to walk tomorrow and 2.) my lower back was starting to hurt on the thrusters which means my form was going to shite.

I want to revisit this one, definitely and do it as Rx’d. It’s one of those WoDs that actually works better at Island because Island, unlike UA, has all their dumbbells in a neat little well-labeled row. Normally I wouldn’t care about that kind of thong, but you can see how it comes in handy for something like this.