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Veterans Day

Posted in badger, dips on November 11, 2014 by coughingsparks

Started with 5-4-3-3-2 ring dips, and then a 49:09 Veterans’ Day Hero WoD: Badger, 3 RFT:

-30 Squat Cleans (95#/65#)
-30 Pull-ups
-800m run (1000m row)

40-minute cap

It was too bad too, because I was really looking for that clock to flip from 39:59 to 40:00 so that I could JUST STOP ALREADY, but Darrin said if we were still going at 39:50 (of course we were. Of course), he would reset the clock and do away with the time cap. So I had to finish. I am not some sort of badass; I was just busted out of running down the clock. But I did finish, albeit, like 15 minutes slower than the majority of the class.

I did the cleans in three sets at first, and then in sets of 5 for the rest. I probably too, too long breaks on both the cleans and the pull-ups. I did all 90 of both. I had some good runs or kipping pull-ups, up to 5, which I could not have done a year ago, and definitely not 2 years ago. So some good came out of today.