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Striped Angie

Posted in angie on October 27, 2012 by coughingsparks

I followed Crossfit Pallas programming today, starting with the steps at L-sit, getting 6, 4, 3 seconds. They wanted a total of three minutes, but that’s not happening. I used to be ok at them too.

Went on too 100 double unders, which I find are easier once I’m sweaty, one, because my pants stay up and two, because my muscles are warmed up.

On to the metcon. They called for Angie,

-100 pull-ups
-100  pushups
-100 sit-ups
-100 squats

But it could be broken down however, so I did 10 sets of 10, with a green band (1 1/2), and knee pushups. Finished in 24:57. My triceps are already sore. I hated the WoD, but I’m glad I made myself do it.

In other news, I’m sorry of finding myself wondering how hard it would be to get into training for the Scottish games. I went to the Celtic festival over the summer and it looked like fun…


Hell’s Kettlebells and Angie

Posted in angie, kettle bells, presses with tags , , on February 3, 2012 by coughingsparks

I actually did Angie two days ago; I’ve just forgotten to update:

-100 Pull-ups
-100 Push-ups
-100 Sit-ups
-100 Squats

For time, of course. I subbed under-bar rows and knee push-ups and it still sucked, although I met my sub-25-minute goal (barely) at 24:58.

Did another backsliding 5×5 press today:

90×3 (F)

Finished with yesterday’s CFNYC WoD of three rounds for time:

-5 DL 180# (as Rx’d)
-10 Goblet squats 55# KB (used 45#, which is the biggest one at Island)
-15 KB swings

Did it in 6:10. This is one of those problematic WoDs that you can only do so fast. My form started to suffer by round three and I didn’t want to hurt my back. Oh well, I guess it’s still good.