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Horrible chipper

Posted in airdyne on January 12, 2017 by coughingsparks

So, we have a few people with extremity injuries at our gym, including a coach who tripped over a barbell while teaching class and broke his hand (I was there. I saw it happen), who programmed the following for another athlete with a sprained elbow:

-80 cal Airdyne
-60 back squats (95#/65#)
-40 GHD sit-ups
-20 cal Airdyne

I did it because I saw it on Instagram and knew that I would never in a million years program it for myself. I finished in 16:23, and I have to say that the last 20 calories on the Airdyne were worse than the first 80…


Embrace the suck

Posted in airdyne, burpees, rowing on September 23, 2016 by coughingsparks

Wednesday was:

-75 calorie row (4-minute time cap)
2-minute rest
-1-mile run
2-minute rest
-50 burpees

I got the row in 3:37, did 75 calories on the air dyne after for 13:50, and finished in 21:04. I sold my soul for the rowing time, and was pretty well done for the rest. I couldn’t stop coughing during the air dyne and stepped all my burpees.

Three Days’ Worth

Posted in airdyne, box jumps, burpees, cleans, kettle bells, knees-to-elbows, pull-ups, rowing, snatches on July 28, 2015 by coughingsparks

Saturday was RFT:

-20 TTB
-10 snatch (135#/95#)
-200m run

17-minute time cap

I got through 3 + 13 with toes-to-rings (my favorite scale), 75# snatch, and 250m row.

Yesterday was 12-minute EOMOM:

-Clean high pull
-High hang clean
-Hang clean

I got up to 145#, but it wasn’t a complex exactly, it was the first two things, multiple attempts at the last within those two minutes, which was finally successful in the last 15 seconds.  Whev, I’m counting it.  Most of my cleans were very beautiful for once.

The WoD was 9-minute AMRAP:

-5 hang cleans (155#/105#)
-10 burpees
-15 box jumps (must be jumped and stepped down)

I got through 3+1.

Today was EMOM:

E: 20 sec max pull-ups
O: 14 Russian twists

I got 17 pull-ups and used an 8kg KB for the Russian twists.  The WoD was a partner 8-minute AMRAP:

-P1: 4 shuttle sprints (down and back is 1)
-P2: Max effort Russian KB swings (heavy)

Well, neither I nor my partner could run, so we did 15 and 10 calories on the Airdyne respectively, both used a 24kg KB and got 196.

Gun-shy rope climb, awesome Airdyne

Posted in airdyne, eat to perform, rope, running on July 2, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was one of those weird test days, 30 minutes to do:

-2 minutes of rope climb
-90 seconds of GHD sit-ups
-2 minutes of shuttle sprints
-2 minutes Airdyne for calories

I got 2 rope climbs, which is what I got the last time we did this. The staph infection has made me a little gun-shy of the rope climb, not that I’ve ever been, like, phenomenal at doing them.  I did a good bit of mobility prior to climbing the rope, but my back is still a bit of a wreck.  I also had a lot of missed attempts.  It’s like my body doesn’t want anything to do with climbing the rope. Got 30 GHDs, which is worse than last time but again, wasn’t really feeling it with my back and I kept sliding off the back of the GHD, making it more of a crunch.  I got 10 sprints, which, for a non-runner, is not too bad.  Last was the Airdyne, which I dominated at 42 calories, the best of the day up until then.

There were only three people in class, so I spent the rest of the time on the fancy InBody scale in the dog hair trap office (“we just mopped yesterday, but with the three of them…”).  Survey says: 204.9 pounds, 22% BF.  BOO!  Like I said, it’s not that I’m mad for aesthetic reasons, I just really don’t want to be going into a (bunch of) gymnastics cycle(s) with 45# of fat on me. That’s a barbell worth of fat.  In any case, I’m back on the horn with ETP to tweak my macros and help me figure out exactly WHEN I’m supposed to be eating WHAT because clearly, being left to my own devices is not working.

I can’t believe I got it all done

Posted in airdyne, cleans, jerk, pull-ups, push-ups, snatches on June 30, 2015 by coughingsparks

in the time I had this morning.  Started out with this barbell complex:

-2 power cleans
-2 HPC
-2 push jerk

This did not work out all that well for me.  Nothing really wanted to move and my back hurt a bit so I only got up to 125#.  Next was 3RM power snatch slow to the knee.  These went better and I stopped at 90# before my form could really go bad.  Then 10-10-10 front rack step-ups on the box, which I did at 45-65-65.  Then 4-3-2 pull-ups with 10-9-9 push-ups.  The pull-up progression was supposed to be 5-4-4, but, as I said in the beginning, I simply don’t progress that fast and 5 is my max set a mere 2 weeks ago so I’m not really sure what they expect.  By the end, I’m supposed to do 9.  Hey, I’ll be over the moon if I get 9, but my all-time, pre-baby (now she’s four, almost) record for strict pull-ups is 7.  Finished with one minute on, one minute off for 10 minutes on the Airdyne, and I got 21-21-20-19-20.

Cycle 2

Posted in airdyne, cleans, dips, pull-ups, push-ups, snatches on June 16, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was the beginning of the second cycle of the competitor’s training.  Started with 3RM power snatch with a pause at the knee (I went above the knee, some people went below, IDK), got up to 95# before my form started to deteriorate.  Next was same thing but with 1RM power clean, with a pause.  I got 155# again before my form really started to deteriorate.  It was still a bit of a muscle clean.  I then did max effort CTB and got 4, BUT my chest didn’t touch the bar, they were really just deep pull-ups, so I will probably be doing regular pull-ups for the progression with the 5 I got last week. Then did max effort unbroken push-ups and got 12 and max ring dips and got 3.  I feel like I should have done a little bit better at both, but we are at the start of a cycle, so whev.  Then did 10-10-10 overhead barbell step-ups on the box at 45-55-55.  These are quite difficult. Finished with Tabata Airdyne for calories, which I did wrong because I didn’t count each time, just my total, which was 74.

Lifting day again

Posted in airdyne, back squats, dips, pull-ups on May 18, 2015 by coughingsparks

Although today would not normally be a lifting day, it was today due to a weird-ass schedule because of Regionals.  Started with 4×3 back squat, adding weight from last week:


I did a ton of mobility before ever getting near the bar and I took my sweet time getting this done.  It was still wicked heavy though, but I was able to do it.

Next was 12-minute EMOM:

E: Max effort strict pull-ups
O: Max effort strict dips

I got 17 pull-ups and 11 dips.  I should get back into doing these at home, plus the push-up progression.  The problem is that the only time I have to do it is at night after I get home from work and at that point, I’m too exhausted to do anything.  Still, it could have been worse.  It took a long time to even get one of these strict movements, so I’m grateful for the strength that I have.

Next was 10 minutes on the airdyne for calories, which was difficult, but mostly really boring and sort of interminable.  I got 156 calories.  I guess that’s good; I don’t know.  It was hard.  I was sweaty.  Finished up the day with 3×10 good mornings.  I actually stuck with just the barbell for this.  Honestly, with how my back has been feeling, this was really more of a mobility thing for me and got way easier in the third set.