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Aaaand even slower

Posted in agility, back squats, burpees, thrusters on March 16, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today started out badly, got 28-20-20-18-18-16-15-13 for Tabata lateral bar hops, which is my most miserable day yet…but still…28 is a record. Too bad that’s not what counts.

Started the Crossfit proper day with 3RM back squat, which went really, really well:


Luckily for me, we hadn’t done a 3RM in quite a while, and my 5RM currently is 175#, so I figured I was probably going to PR, so that was nice.

The WoD, on the other hand, was a misery. It was a version of Kalsu:

-60 thrusters (135#/95#)
EMOM 5 bar-facing burpees

10-minute cap

I got 14 thrusters and I’m not even kidding. I am that slow on bar-facing burpees. That was the reason that I decided to go Rx’d, because I knew the thruster weight wasn’t going to make a damn difference, and it truly didn’t. By Minute 9, I couldn’t even do a thruster, I was at, like, 8:54 when the burpees were done. My lower back was definitely a factor. My burpee efficiency relies on my to be able to basically do a Cobra Pose, and if my lower back is hurting, I can’t do that so I was even slower. Never mind that I am ridiculously slow on this movement to begin with, I mean, comically slow. I got 14, which is insanely low, definitely the lowest of the day. If burpees show up in 15.4, I can only hope that my back will be better after seeing Sarah on Thursday. That’s all I can hope for.


Rx? OK…

Posted in agility, dead lifts, overhead squats, pistols, snatches on March 2, 2015 by coughingsparks

I got to CFP early this morning and did 5-5-4-3-2 pistols with the green band. I am doing 2 extra reps on the left for each set on the right to try and shore that up a little. My hips are tight, tight, tight from cramming myself into the back of the car yesterday for two hours, despite rolling out a little before. Too little, too late. Finished up with Tabata lateral jumps over the barbell which was better and worse: 24-17-14-15-15-15-15-15.

The class proper started with 8-7-6-6-5 Pendlay rows and 2x push-ups. I have definitely lost strength in the push-up, unfortunately, since running through the progression twice. So, I started Rx, but had to go to knees, because I couldn’t really do it unbroken and also because I felt a sudden, shooting pain in my right chest. I had been sore after Saturday’s WoD, that had burpees and push-ups both, and the right shoulder is one of many issues being worked on by the chiropractor, and it just sort of got pulled today, I think. Nothing emergent. But it meant doing a lot of them on knees and stretching my shoulder the other way.

The WoD was 7-minute AMRAP:

-6 Hang Power Snatch (135#/95#)
-6 OHS (135#/95#)
-12 DL (135#/95#)
-12 air squats

We were initially told to pick a weight that we could do unbroken, so I put 75# on and it was still sort of press-y, and was asked what was stopping me from doing it Rx’d. Uh…nothing except that 95# is pretty close to my 1RM, and certainly not within my capacity to do unbroken. So, I did it as prescribed, and got 2 rounds, 3 with that. I got the first 4 snatch unbroken, then started to do them one at a time, although I did do the OHS unbroken, which was nice and very deliberate, because there was no way I was going to snatch that weight up again. As of then, I was the second person to do it Rx’d. So it was good. It was hard. I got the third snatch right at the buzzer.

Agility Monday

Posted in agility, burpees, front squats, knees-to-elbows on February 23, 2015 by coughingsparks

I’ve been watching a lot of Games stuff on YouTube recently and somewhat better about Crossfit. I got to CFP early today and did 4-minute Tabata lateral bar hops, using my new Tabata timer in my phone. As much as I suck at this fast-twitch muscle quicky-quick stuff, I’m a lot better than I used to be: 20-18-17-16-16-16-16-16. There was a day that I couldn’t do more than 10 as a Tabata minimum, so that’s come up in the last 2 years. I’d like to practice these more, of course, like all my goats.

The strength was 8-7-6-5-4 CTB progression, Pendlay rows. I’m getting better at these too. I am definitely looking forward to not having my back hurt as much, or not at all. The other thing during this was, again, GHD sit-ups, which again, I’m not going to do. I did a curl up from the floor as V-ups are also a no-no right now. I think my core is not strong enough to a lot of these movements safely as even before I f’d up my back, v-ups and hollow rocks hurt my back if I didn’t tuck in a foot.

Finished with 8-minute AMRAP:

-6 front squats
-10 TTB
-16 bar-facing burpees

I got 3 rounds, 8 with KTC. And I have to say that I did the burpees unbroken and I squat cleaned the first rep of each set of front squats so, go me.

Strict movement/Bar hops/Snatches

Posted in agility, dips, pull-ups, snatches on January 29, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was 3×12 strict pull-ups and ring dips and I got green band and red band respectively. Ended with AMRAP 7 mintues EMOM:

-20 lateral bar hops
-HPS (95#/65#)

Score is total snatches.

Got 17.

Thruster Max/Kryptonite

Posted in agility, cleans, thrusters on September 5, 2013 by coughingsparks

Finally, finally back at CFP after a 6-day hiatus. Started with 15 minutes to establish 3RM thruster:


Yes, it’s an F, but 130 pounds is a lot, first of all, and second of all, squat cleaning 130# actually created a PR in and of itself so go me.

Finished with 4 minute AMRAP x2 with 2-minute rest between of:

-5 thrusters at 65% of 3RM (85#)
-25 lateral bar hops (back and forth so 50, actually)

Now, lateral bar hops are my kryptonite because I have, like, no agility (although I am not bad at double unders; go figure), so I got 2 rounds, 2 reps the first time and 2 rounds, 1 rep the second time, so I made my goal of 2 rounds each time.

Cindy as Rx’d (In Eamon We Trust)

Posted in agility, back squats, barbara, cindy, snatches, thrusters on March 5, 2013 by coughingsparks

Saturday I got my third Rx’d benchmark, to add to Annie and Grace. As evidenced by my last post, I had some trepidation regarding Cindy as Rx’d. I figured that I would get maybe three rounds, if I were really lucky:

20 minute AMRAP:

-5 pull-ups
-10 push-ups
-15 squats

I got 9 rounds, 1 pull-up. Yes, everyone throughout the day had more rounds and reps than me but I don’t care. I did it Rx’d. That is all.

Yesterday was the test for the 1RM back squat:


That exceeds my body weight (although it didn’t use to — thanks, Paleo diet!), and meets my post-Katrina PR. Finished with three rounds of AMRepsAP:

-One minute thrusters (75/55)
-One minute lateral bar hops (Yuk)
-One minute high hang power snatch (75/55)
-One minute rest

I got 147, which broke down as 51, 51, 45. The lateral bar hops got me. Despite practicing them, they still hung me up, and I was getting maybe 10 each round. Oh well.

Today was the final three-round Barbara for the Paleo challenge, which went B-A-D-L-Y:

Three rounds:

-20 pull-ups (2″ band to knees)
-30 push-ups (knees)
-40 ABMAT sit-ups
-50 squats

I ended up with 23:43, two seconds slower than last time. By round 2, I was already at 14:11, two minutes slower than last time. I know exactly why and I told Eamon as much. Cindy killed, like destroyed, my capacity to do pull-ups and let’s be honest, made doing push-ups difficult too. The last time I did two-round Barbara, I did 15 pull-ups or so right out the gate, and on the second round did, like, 12. Then I was doing sets of three or two after that. Today, on the first round it was 10-2-1-1-1 etc. The second round was 8-2-1-1 etc, then 6-2-1-1-1 etc. I knew I was in trouble from the beginning. BUT. I did the squats unbroken on the first round, which was a first. I refuse to beat myself up about it. I wasn’t going to win the Paleo challenge anyway and I have no regrets about Cindy.

Front squat/Awful mini-chipper/Agility

Posted in agility, double unders, front squats, overhead squats, snatches on February 21, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday started with a front squat:


That’s really bad. My 3RM is 145. Finished with 8 minute AMRAP of:

-10 Power snatch (75/55)
-30 DU
-10 OHS (75/55)
-30 DU

I got, like, 1 round, 8 DU, or something like that. Of course, having a discouraging front squat before that didn’t help matters. I probably should have taken a rest day yesterday, actually. It was like hitting my head against a wall.

Today was agility, which was tabata bar lateral hops at 20-14-12-12-12-10-10-10. I need to not wear pants that fall down. I hate being slowed down by a wardrobe malfunction. I can do these better, although that 20 is pretty good. Finished with a LOT of rolling around with the ball and the roller. That was nice.