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300, Back squat, Competition

Posted in 300, back squats, competition, dead lifts on September 18, 2012 by coughingsparks

Three days of blogging, so not wasting time:

Saturday, 300, which I quit asst the end, not my finest moment:

-25 pullups (green band)
-50 DL 135/95
-50 pushups
-50 box jumps 20″
-50 floor wipers 135/95, each side
-50 KB clean and press 35/25
-25 pullUPS

I can’t even count it really, because I DNF’d on the last set of pullUPS, at 21 minutes, when I realized I had to go to work and I was doing the pullups one at a time.

Monday, ran out of time again, and had a miserable back squat,


Just want feeling it.

Today, did a pretty bad DL,


Finished with the secondĀ  Crossfit Morristown competition WoD from 2010:

-10 front squats 135/95
-20 DU
8, 30, 6 , 40, 2, 60

Finished in 11:03, good, b it 25 seconds longer than last time. Not having the best time ever.


OHS, 300

Posted in 300, overhead squats with tags , on January 13, 2012 by coughingsparks

I really wanted to do the 300 today, mostly because 1.) I haven’t done [part of] it since October and 2.) I was on the mood for a long metcon. However, this didn’t leave me a lot of time for lifting so I did a very brief OHS:


Then, on to the 300:

-25 pull-ups (under-bar rows)
-50 dead lifts 135#/95#
-50 push-ups (knees)
-50 box jumps 18″
-50 floor wipers each side 135#/95#
-50 KB clean and press 35#/25#
-25 pull-ups

I got 23:01, which is a one of my best times ever but definitely not a PR because in my pre-Katrina days, I’d do real push-ups.

Even the scaled ones killed me this time. Man, do I hate them. Box jumps were hard today too, probably because of just doing them yesterday. But I chip, chip, chipped away at it and got it done eventually.

The Grip Killer and The 180

Posted in 300, dead lifts, kettle bells, overhead squats, pull-ups, push press with tags , , , , , on October 8, 2011 by coughingsparks

I have two days worth of blogging to do. Yesterday I managed a workout before work by packing up everything the night before, from cutting up cantaloupe to gathering and bagging breast pump parts. So I went to the gym and started with dead lifts to find a new 5RM, which I did:


That’s 30# in five weeks, which I am pleased with. I finished with a made-up AMRAP, 12 minutes of:

-5 push press 65#
-10 under-bar rows
-15 KB snatch each hand, 25#

I managed 6 rounds, 2 push presses; six rounds seems to be what I tend to do on these 12-minute AMRAPS. What got me on this workout was my forearms burning out, rather than getting winded, although that, too, was no picnic.

Today I also didn’t have a ton of time, but I really wanted to do OHS, which was so-so:


Eh, it’s OK, not great. Finished with a significantly scaled 300:

-30 DL 95#
-30 girl push-ups
-30 box jumps 18″
-30 floor wipers 95#
-30 KB snatches 25#
-30 under-bar rows

I finished in 14:28, which is faster by far than my 300 has been in the past, but I was having the same problem as yesterday in getting muscle fatigue first. I’ll probably make this the 240 next time, and then perhaps the 300 after that, we’ll see.

Past few days

Posted in 300, running with tags , on August 18, 2010 by coughingsparks

I’ve been pretty bad about going to the gym lately. I’m just not feelin’ the end-of-the-day thing. I did some sort of lifting the other day but now I don’t remember what and re-did my 400-m sprint, coming in the same as last time at 1:25. Did the 300 today, which I haven’t done in a while, and I scaled it a little differently, subbing in under-bar rows for the pull-ups:

-25 Under-bar rows
-50 DL 95#
-50 Push-ups
-50 Box jumps
-50 Floor Wipers
-50 Clean and Press 25# KB
-25 Under-bar rows

Did it in 22:35, which is a PR, but was also probably an easier scaling choice.

300 of SUCK!!

Posted in 300 with tags on April 7, 2010 by coughingsparks

I repeated the 300 today, after last having done it in February and it did not go well:

-25 pull-ups (did these with the blue band after about eight real ones)
-50 DL 95#
-50 Push-ups
-50 Box Jumps
-50 Floor Wipers 95#
-50 Clean and Press 25# KB
-25 pull-ups (Gravitron with 82# assistance)

I added 23 seconds onto this, coming in at 25:20. I am really mad because it’s been about six weeks since I last did it. The pull-ups get me, the push-ups get me, and the floor wipers. The rest isn’t that bad. I did the DL unbroken as a matter of fact.

I finished up with weighted sit-ups and leg lifts with my buddies, which felt outstanding after choking on the floor wipers. We have FGB to look forward to on Friday…

Friday Fun :(

Posted in 300, friday fun with tags , on February 26, 2010 by coughingsparks

I had to do Friday Fun all by my self today. Apparently, people had met earlier to do it and no one told me, so it was just me. We decided yesterday to do the 300 today, which technically isn’t a Crossfit WOD; it’s a Gym Jones WOD (I know dun dun dun!), but it is perfectly appropriate as a Crossfit WOD:

-25 Pull-ups
-50 Dead lifts 135#
-50 Push-ups
-50 Box Jumps
-50 Floor Wipers
-50 Clean & Press 35# KB
-25 Pull-ups

I scaled the DL and the floor wipers down to 95#, which is what I figure the women’s weight would be anyway, had this been a Crossfit WOD. I also scaled the clean and press down to 25#. I did 8 dead hangs at the beginning for the pull-ups and jumped for the rest like a punk. My time was 24:57, which made my goal of under 25 minutes. Note to self: learn to kip. The sectionals are exactly one month away and if I don’t learn to kip, I am going to be screwed.

I am also thinking of switching my schedule to five on, two off, rather than 3:1. I feel so much better after two days off, and this would always keep Friday as an “on” day.