Crossfit Cough

Yesterday was 3 squat cleans, 2 front squats, adding 5# from last week, which was 115#. It’s getting heavy. The odd thing is that the squat cleans aren’t too bad, but the front squats are. The WoD was, for time:

-25 burpees
-800m run (row)

Before the WoD started, I said, “if I get it under five minutes, it’ll be a miracle.” Well, amen. When I don’t have to jump over anything, I’m actually kinda quick, so I finished it in 4:35. So that’s good.

Today’s WoD was five rounds of 2 minutes:

-12 DL (225#/155#)
-12 TTB
-AMRAP Wall-balls
-1 minute rest

I did well at this one also, scaled the TTB down to KTC and was the highest score so far that day and the first three-digit number at 101.


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