Wednesday, Friday

Wednesday was 2 Squat snatches every 90 seconds x8, which ended up at 70#. The WoD was 4RFT:

-20 pistols
-5 power snatch

9-minute cap

It was supposed to be at 70% of the complex weight, but I decided that was ridiculous, and so I did it at 85# and did BW lunges and got 4:53.

Today was 7 sets of 2 squat cleans, 3 front squats, adding five pounds from last week, which was 110#. It was pretty heavy and my neck has been hurting for no apparent reason so it felt heavier than perhaps it might. The metcon was 5-minute AMRAP:

-8 bar-over-burpees
-4 DL at complex weight

It was sort of sad at 4+1.


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