Lungs on fire

Saturday: 27-21-15-9:

-Clean & jerk: 95#/65#
-Wall ball

15-minute time cap

Did it in 13:30-ish. This one was a lot harder than it looked at first. It was very Open-ish actually. The clean was so light it had to be touch and go, so there was a lot of wasted energy there, where typically I would dump. That was sort of the worst part. I went in with the intention of doing, like, sets of 9, but that ended up being wholly unrealistic, so it was sets of 5, and then sets of 3. The wall balls weren’t too bad, but the clean and jerk felt really, really bad.

Today was another lung burner:

-15-12-9 Thrusters 95#/65#
-9-7-5 Ring MU
-400m run/row after each set, for a total of 3

15-minute cap

I subbed in pull-ups and did remarkably well, with 9:34, but it was one of those WoDs, like 15.5 (also rowing and thrusters), where it basically boils down to how uncomfortably you are willing to be. It’s been a few hours, but my lungs still hurt, like if I take an excessively deep breath, I cough and have some continuing pleuritic chest pain, to coin a phrase.


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