Aaaaand there it is

Yesterday was establishing a 1RM clean and jerk. I was a good girl: I did them as squat cleans, getting all the way up to 155#, and then I pulled 165#…aaaaand it turned into a power clean, just like that. It’s great in a way because hey, I can power clean 165#, but then I tried to squat it and I dropped it, so there that is.

The WoD was AMRAP 5 minutes:

-Squat clean and jerk 165#/110#

I got 21 but I do have to say, they told us we could cluster it, which I did because I was thinking that if the barbell is moving up anyway, just press it out and save time.

Today was a make-up day because the gym is closed for the next three days. So I made up Friday’s WoD, which was to re-test a 1RM push press from the rack. Big mistake. I did super-heavy STO yesterday and I just was not up to it, missing my PR by 20# at 135#, but that ended up being a blessing because the WoD was 5 RFT:

-5 push press at 60% of push press weight
-5 FS
-15 box jump overs

10-minute cap

I did it at 85# and just barely made it at 9:41.


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