DT, FGB, Monday

Friday was DT, which is a great WoD and I wondered where it had been all my life, 5 RFT:

-12 DL (155#/105#)
-9 HPC
-6 STO

I got a very good time of 8:14, one of the best of the day, but it’s also all things I’m good at, tossing around a pretty heavy barbell without EVER having to squat it. Yes, ma’am.

Saturday was Fight Gone Bad, 3 rounds, five exercises, one minute per exercise, for reps:

-Wall balls
-Box jumps
-Push press
-Row for calories

I got 270, which broke down as 105, 85, 80. This is by no means a PR, but definitely better than last time. I didn’t fall off as sharply, in other words, and my score was much better as a result. I really make my money on the wall ball, the SDLHP and the push press, not so much on the row. But I like Fight Gone Bad as a rule.

Today was 1 minute on, 1 minute off for 10 minutes of plank on hands, which was OK. I had good music because, like I have been lately, I was by myself. The WoD was:

-3-6-9-12 Snatch (115#/75#)
-9-15-21-27 CTB pull-ups

12-minute time cap

I did it with regular pull-ups and got 65. Because I’m not actually in the class, I missed that you could mess with the rep scheme to finish. Oh well. I got all the snatches. I doubt I would have gotten any more pull-ups any other way…


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