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All the days

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Oh man, let me see if I can remember. Friday:

-Thrusters 95#/65#
-400m run/row

4-minute rest

-Thrusters 135#/95#
-200m run/row

I think I got 8:30 and 20:10 or something like that. I remember that it was very difficult. I remember that I did the 65# thrusters unbroken, so that was good. I remember that it was a little disheartening to load even more weight onto the bar during the rest period…


14-minute AMRAP:

-1 TGU per arm
-10 Russian KB swings
-5 each arm hang KB snatches
-10 burpees

I got 5 rounds even with a 16kg kettle bell, the heaviest of the females, I have to add.


15 minutes to do:
-3×10 KB thrusters
-3×10 KB rows
-3×20 V-ups into 20 Russian twists

I did this with 12kg, which may have been too light, but I really had to go to the bathroom, so I went pretty quick. The WoD was 10-minute AMRAP:

-20 Wall balls
-200m run with the ball

I just rowed and got 5 even.


-DL at 65%
-Muscle ups
-75 DU after each of these sets

15-minute cap

I think I finished in 11:14 with 185#, pull-ups, and 25 DU.


10-7-5 Front squats. Got 115, 125, 130, I think. It was heavy. I don’t do these enough. The WoD was 7-minute AMRAP:

-12 pistols
-8 push-ups

I did it with 12kg KB lunges and got 4+7. You know it’s a bad sign when the shortest athlete in the gym gets the highest score…


Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

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0:00 – 10:00
-Clean and jerk (155/105)

10:00 – 20:00
5 clusters
400m run (row)

Did these out of order, and so did the clusters and row first, got 8:30, or something. Did the second one with jumping BMU, didn’t finish, got 42, I think.


15 minutes to complete:
-3×10 Bulgarian split squats
-3×10 Ring push-ups
-3×30 bicycle crunches

I did the Bulgarian split squats with 12kg, the ring push-ups as prescribed, and pulled a groin muscle on the bicycle crunches, sudden pain and then couldn’t extend my leg all the way. The WoD was 6-minute AMRAP:

-10 power cleans (95#/65#)
-10 OH lunges

I honestly can’t remember what I got.

Tuesday: 4 rounds:

1-minute rope climbs
1-minute Row for calories
1-minute double unders
1-minute rest

I got 6 rope climbs, 69 calories on the rower, and 112 or something on the double unders


15-minute AMRAP:

-3 Power snatches (185/125)
-1 round Cindy

Got 5 rounds at 95#.

Other things

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Today was 10-10-10 front-racked lunges, superset with 10-10-10 strict dips. I didn’t do either of those. I did 10-10-10 front squats from the floor and got 95-105-115. I did KB floor presses at 16kg. The WoD was a 7-minute AMRAP of:

-4 box step-ups with plate overhead (45#/25#)
-8 burpees to the plate
-12 box jumps

I did 2+15.

All the OHS

Posted in overhead squats, pull-ups, rowing on July 14, 2016 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 3 RFT:

-800m run (row)
-25(!) OHS (115#/75#)
-15/10 strict pull-ups

2 rounds Rx. I wasn’t about to get on the rower again for one lousy point. Not worth it. That was a lot of OHS though.

Another Team WoD

Posted in double unders, knees-to-elbows, rowing on July 12, 2016 by coughingsparks

The day started out with 10-minute EMOM:

E: 6 Good Mornings at 30% of BS
O: 40-second hollow hold

I did the good mornings at 65#. The hollow hold devolved pretty quickly.

The WoD was supposed to be a team of 3, but it ended up being a team of 4 with 2 people doing the same station, 12-minute AMRAP:

-20/15 calorie row (pacer)
-Max DU
-Max TTB

Score is total calories on the rower and total TTB, of which we got 181 and 125. It was the biggest score for the rower, and not bad on the TTB either. I broke a record on strung TTB with 6, which is great, when my previous was 3.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday

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Wednesday: 5 RFT:

-5 squat cleans (185#/125#)
-5 jerks
-10 bar-facing burpees
12-minute time cap

Did it with 95#, got 4. The bar facing burpees are honestly what slowed me down the most; I pretty much only have one speed at which I do these.


20-minute superset:
-10-10-10 back squats
-10-10-10 loaded push-ups

-KB swings (32kg/24kg)

Did 95-115-135 on the first and bodyweight on the second and push-ups on the third at 5:50.


Partner WoD, 16-minute AMRAP:

-50 DL (225#/155#)
-40 OH plate lunges
-50 Wallballs
-40 over-your-partner burpees

Divided however. I partnered with my husband, who has not done Crossfit in well over a year. I did it Rx’d, he did 65# DL, BW lunges, 6# wall ball and step down and back up burpees and we got 1+97. We were supposed to plank during the burpees, but we didn’t.


16 minute AMRAP
-7 strict HSPU
-10 HPC (135#/95#)
-14 kipping HSPU
-10 HSC (135#/95#)
-2 minute rest

Did it with single arm KB press with the other arm locked out x14 reps for the first, and regular push-ups for the second and got 3, right at the buzzer.

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday

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Saturday was 12-minute AMRAP:

-30 HSPU (push-ups)
-30 TTB (TTR)
-30 box jumps

I did 1+26

Monday was Daniel, which was:

-50 pull-ups (25)
-400m run
-21 thrusters (95#/65#)
-800m run
-21 thrusters (95#/65#)
-400m run
-50 pull-ups (25)

Finished in 19:15

Today was EMOM 10 minutes:

E: 4 one-legged deadlift each (65#)
O: Max effort l-sit

I did z-sit and never really went above about 20 seconds. The WoD was 9-minute AMRAP:

-20 Russian twists (25#)
-120′ plate pinch (25#)
-200m run (row)

Got 5 rounds