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All the Cardio

Posted in double unders, rowing on June 28, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today they did not post the WoD on the website, on purpose. I don’t see why; it wasn’t THAT bad. It was:

-1K Row
-100 DU
-1-mile run

I did it Rx, except the last. I didn’t know if I was going to do 1600 or 2000, so I watched when someone better than me left for the run and told myself that if I got to 1600 before she got back, I would do 2000, which is what happened; I did 2000m, and got 15:16.


Friday, Saturday, Monday

Posted in back squats, box jumps, burpees, dead lifts, overhead squats, pull-ups, push-ups, snatches on June 27, 2016 by coughingsparks

Friday was heavy set of 8 back squats; I got up to 155#. The metcon was 21-15-9:

-DL 225/155
-OHS 135/95

I did it at 155 and 65 and got, like, 77 reps, I think.

Saturday was partner WoD, 16-minute AMRAP:

-400m run/row
-10 front rack lunges each
-15 muscle ups total
-30 box over burpees total

We scaled the muscle ups with me doing pull-ups and her doing jumping pull-ups, and used a 65# barbell, me stepping up onto a 20″ box, her doing lunges, and we got 2+1.

Today was 15 minutes to:

-Pocket full snatch
-High hang full snatch
-Low hang full snatch

I did it at 55#, and even then I missed a few. The WoD was 6-minute AMRAP:

-3 Hang full snatch (135#/95#)
-12 push-ups

I did it with 45# and got 3+1. It was one of those days when the only positive thing I could say was that my body does not have cancer (as far as I know).

Drinking Bird

Posted in cleans, jerk on June 23, 2016 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 15 minutes to heavy:

-2 squat cleans
-1 split jerk

I got up to 135#. Meh. The WoD was 7-minute partner AMRAP of clean and jerk at 70%. I said I would go as light as 95# and as heavy as 115#, and I was paired with someone who wanted to do 95#, and we got 58, almost a Grace. Fun.

Assorted things

Posted in double unders, kettle bells, push-ups on June 21, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today was 15 minutes for:

-3×10 KB floor presses (each hand)
-3×10 KB single-arm rows (each hand)
-3×10 shoot throughs

I used 16kg for the KB and did shoot throughs on a 24″ box. The WoD was 4 rounds of 2-minutes:

-50 DU
-25 Russian KB swings (32kg/24kg)
-AMRAP push-ups

One minute rest. Score is total push-ups.

I did 25 double unders and got a grand total of 10. I knew it was going to be a low number.

Mental Toughness

Posted in burpees, knees-to-elbows, rowing, thrusters, wall ball on June 20, 2016 by coughingsparks

Those two words are always sort of a kiss of death for me. I don’t think of myself as being particularly mentally tough, so when they say, “this WoD is about mental toughness,” I die inside just a little. So, Saturday’s WoD was 27-21-15 thrusters with 200m run after each set. I got the dismal time of 10:17, the slowest in class. I have nothing positive to say about the WoD. We were supposed to do the thrusters unbroken. I did not. We were supposed to sprint on the run/row. I did not. I don’t know what else to say.

Today was, for reps:

-1 minute wall balls
-1 minute burpees
-1 minute TTB
-2 minute wall balls
-2 minute burpees
-2 minute TTB
-1 minute wall balls
-1 minute burpees
-1 minute TTB

I got 85, 38, 18 for wall balls, burpees, and TTB respectively, for 141. It went about as I expected, well on the wall balls, sort of slow at everything else BUT I did string most of my TTB reps, so that was good, and the reason why the number was so low.

Snatch and box jump

Posted in box jumps, snatches on June 17, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today was 20-minute EMOM:

-E: Full snatch, OHS with ascending weight
-O: 12 box jump overs (30″/24″)

I didn’t get above 55#, but did the box jump overs Rx and didn’t take more than 40 seconds each time.

Horrible intervals

Posted in burpees, cleans, double unders, kettle bells, rowing on June 16, 2016 by coughingsparks

Tuesday was three rounds of 5 chin-ups, 5 KB press each side, and 90 seconds of plank for quality. I did the chin-ups Rx and did 16kg for the KB press. The WoD was 11-minute AMRAP:

-50 DU
-20 Single arm KB swings
-10 Single arm OH KB lunges

I did 4+19 with 25 double unders and 12kg for the KB stuff.

Yesterday was…let’s just say I’ve never had a WoD shit the bed quite as quickly as that one did. 5 rounds, each 4 minutes, over 20 minutes:

-400m run/row
-8 over-the-bar burpees
-7 squat cleans (155#/105#)
Rest with remaining time

It was bad. Granted, I had only gotten 5 hours of sleep the night before, so I sort of failed before I even had walked in the door. I got 3:09, 3:41, 3:52, 3:57, and 4:00, starting at 75#, and then frantically stripping to 65#, and finally to 55# and still barely making it, also power cleaning and then front squatting. It was completely wretched, but I don’t even feel bad. My goal was to start and end the WoD, i.e., not quit, which I did.