Hero WoD, 1RM Back squat, 2K row

Saturday was Aveline, a new hero WoD for one of our coaches, who delivered her daughter stillborn on 4/20. 2 partners:

-800m run (row, both partners go together)
-30 squat snatch 135#/95# (can be divided)
-800m run
-30 squat clean and jerk (can be divided)
-800m run
-5 rounds of Mary (her other daughter’s name is Mary, may be divided)
-10 pistols
-15 pull-ups
-800m run

I was paired with one of the best athletes in the gym; I think she played or plays D1 ice hockey or something. She did the weights Rx’d; I did them with an empty bar because I was very sore and tired from the previous day and I really had nothing to prove AND I wanted to ease back in AND not slow her down much (she was easy going and very nice). She did the HSPU, I did the pistols, modified, and we divided up the pull-ups and actually, I had a spectacular day for those, getting a set of 8 right out of the gate. We ended up finishing in 27:50, which was not bad.

Today was 1RM back squat, not the best day to do it really. I thought I did 205#, but because I’m bad at bar math, I actually did 215#, which is only 6# off of my PR. I did a 2K row and told myself really any time below 8 minutes would make me happy. My quads were on fire, but I finished in 7:36, which is not too bad.


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