Back squats/TTB/Thrusters/Rowing/Cleans/Pistols

Saturday was a heavy set of 5 back squats, which was 175, and it felt pretty great. This was interspersed with 7-7-7 ring dips, which I turned into ring push-ups to sort of fit into my gymnastics progression. The WoD was, for time:

-50 TTB
-30 thrusters (115#/75#)
Six-minute time cap

I scaled the TTB to KTC, which was good because I finished in 5:50. I did end up doing 3-3-2-2-2 strict pull-ups after, which also went well.

Today was, over 10 minutes:

-1K Row
-20 Pistols
-7 HPC (225#/155#)

Only one person did the Rx weight, and he’s headed for Regionals in a few weeks so he doesn’t count. I did it at 125# and modified the pistols and got 3+4, although I did it backwards, cleans and then pistols by accident. I did well on the row also at 3:50. It felt very fast and I wasn’t trying to go fast as it was just the beginning of the WoD.

My weight is back up to 207, which it has been stuck at for about a week now, which is irritating because I am already starving on my current diet plan, and I’m going to have cut because I can no longer explain it with water retention. Hopefully this works. So far, I have been stronger and faster, even without losing a lot of weight, so it seems to be working, but I’m not looking forward to eating less than I already do.


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