That was a nice strength workout…

Yesterday was a Regionals WoD from a while ago, 21-15-9-6-3:

-Strict HSPU
-FS (185#/125#)
-Bar-facing burpees

20-minute time cap

We were told to do it at around 65# of FS 1RM, which was 115#, and it was way too heavy. When I broke the first set into about 6 sets, I knew I was in trouble, but I had loaded the barbell with 35# plates, so there wasn’t much to be done other than slogging through it. I scaled the HSPU by doing KB presses at 16kg. I got through the round of 15 and about 21 reps into the round of 9, by far the slowest score of the day.

My weight is down to 205.8. I started doing body weight stuff again today, ring push-ups 5-4-3-2-2 and 2-3-2-2-2 strict pull-ups.


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