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Three days’ worth

Posted in box jumps, burpees, cleans, jackie, pull-ups, push-ups, renaissance periodization, wall ball on April 29, 2016 by coughingsparks

Tuesday: Complex:

-2 full pocket snatch
-2 OHS

I actually did OK at this complex, for me, which was 85#. The WoD was a 6-minute AMRAP:

-10 no-extension burpees
-10 box jumps

Did OK at this for me, again, with 4 rounds.

Wednesday: Jackie:

-1000m row
-50 thrusters 45#/35#
-30 pull-ups

Ignored the 10-minute time cap and took 4 1/2 minutes off of my PR with 10:52.

Today: every four minutes for 20 minutes (5 rounds):

-5 Hang squat cleans (225#/155#)
-10 box jump overs
-20 unbroken wall-balls
Rest with remaining time each round

I did this at 115#, because it was supposed to be 70% of 1RM, and it was still really heavy. I think I got 2:07, 2:21, 2:24, 2:38, 2:53, but I did do the wall balls unbroken.

I am up to 7-6-5-4-3 on ring push-ups and did 3-3-3-3-2 on strict pull-ups and 6-5-4-3-2 on strict TTB. My weight is down to 203.2. Hungry AF, but apparently it’s starting to pay off ALTHOUGH I was pretty sluggish on the WoD this morning. I don’t know if it’s because my quads have never been that strong or I’m too hungry. Mostly my metcon has been going well.


Rowing and more rowing

Posted in dead lifts, pull-ups, push-ups, rowing, snatches on April 25, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today was my third consecutive day of rowing. Saturday was 2 RFT:

-800 run (row)
-25 OH plate lunges (45#/25#)
-15 pull-ups (I think they were supposed to be chest to bar or something)
-15 Hang full snatch (135#/95#)

I did it at 55# and got 1+41. Even though I did not finish, I had a great day for kipping pull-ups, getting sets of 5 or so at a time.

Today was every 90 seconds x3 max effort muscle ups/pull-ups. I got 12, in the form of 5, 4, 3, which is pretty good. The WoD was 3 RFT:

-400m run (row)
-12 DL (315#/205#)
-12 strict HSPU (push-ups)

10-minute cap

I got through 2 rounds. I knew the time cap was unrealistic. I also knew that I was going to sacrifice time to get the deadlifts without getting hurt, so I figured I might as well do the Rx weight.

Jerk PR? I guess?

Posted in jerk, rowing on April 22, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today was a pretty good day to be me. Started with a 1RM rack jerk, and I got 165#, which I’m pretty sure is a PR, according to my Stats page. I’m not 100% sure; I feel like I’ve put that overhead before, but it’s been a long time. The WoD was teams of 3, rowing for calories over 10 minutes, 10 for males, 8 for females. I did 10, because 8 is not worth the transition time off the rower. We got 179.

Nasty Girls

Posted in nasty girls on April 21, 2016 by coughingsparks

I hadn’t done Nasty Girls in quite a while, so it was nice to do it again yesterday, 3 RFT:

-50 air squats
-7 muscle ups (pull-ups)
-10 HPC (135#/95#)

16-minute time cap

I did OK at 10:22, but I would not have been able to string pull-ups together with a gun to my head, so it was 2-1-1-1-1 pretty much every single round. The HPC were cake, done in about 15-20 seconds each round, so there’s that.

Core n’ More

Posted in double unders, kettle bells, knees-to-elbows on April 19, 2016 by coughingsparks

Today started with every 4 minutes x3:

-90 second plank on hands
-6 Good Mornings at 25% of 1RM back squat

The plank was difficult because I suck at planking. I choose a word I can read in the gym and see how many words I can make out of it to keep my mind occupied. I did the Good Mornings at 55#. The WoD was 7-minute AMRAP:

-15 TTB
-20 Russian KB swings (32kg/24kg)
-40 DU

I did KTC, but tried to get my knees as high as possible, did the rest Rx, got 2+10. DU could have been better, could have been worse.

Four days’ worth

Posted in back squats, box jumps, burpees, dead lifts, knees-to-elbows, push-ups, rowing, wall ball on April 18, 2016 by coughingsparks

Wednesday: Regionals 13.5, 21-15-9:

-DL (315#/205#)
-Box jumps (30″/24″)
Not to exceed 65% of 1RM

I did this at 185# and got through 79.


Four rounds, every 6 minutes:

-400m run
-30 WB
-15 TTB

I did a 500m row, but I’m not going to do that any more. I’m too slow or they’re too fast because they were coming in as I was at 325m, so I’m just going to do an even pace from now on. I did TTR for TTB, and got 4:23, 4:50, 5:20, 5:50. Definitely wasn’t feeling it.

Saturday: Was in New York, did it in my hotel room, 10-minute AMRAP of 5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 squats. Got 7+5.

Today: 3RM 3-second pause back squat, got 175#. WoD was 12-minute AMRAP of:

-400m run/row
-10 burpees to 45# plate
-AMRAP sHSPU (push-ups)

Score is push-ups. I got three rounds, and did 17. I don’t know what to think about this. It’s a very strange way to score a WoD.

I’m stuck at 207 pounds. It’s that time of the month, so I was told by RP not to even count this week. It’s still discouraging to be 4 weeks in, hungry all the time, exhausted at night, periodically light-headed and not seeing much progress BUT, I have lost an inch from my hips and 1 1/2″ from my waist, so I don’t know…


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Today was 12-9-6-3:

-OHS (135#/95#)
-50 TTB after each round

12-minute time cap

I got through the set of 6 with 75# and pull-ups for the muscle-ups. I suppose I could have gone faster but I did have some good runs of double unders, which I did as prescribed. I stuck around and did 2-2-2-2-1 strict pull-ups and then 5-5-4-3-2 ring push-ups and then 5-4-3-3-2 strict TTB. My back hurts inexplicably, all of a sudden, even though my workout was hours ago. I hope it’s gone by tomorrow.