3 out of 4 ain’t bad?

Today was 16-minute cycle:

-1st minute: 45 sec row for calories (15 sec “rest”–really means transition off the rower)
-2nd minute: 21* thrusters (95#*/65#*)
-3rd minute: 15* burpees
-4th minute: rest

* Most people, including me, scaled the weight; I scaled to 45#. I also scaled the reps down to 17 on the thrusters and 12 on the burpees. The score was total calories on the rower, or so I thought. I got 67, the highest in class including the males, but the other score was the lowest reps on the other stuff. I actually did great for the first 3 rounds, maintaining 17 and 12 consistently, and then it all fell apart in the last round, where I got 10 and 9 respectively. I did do well on the other three though.


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