Another three days

Friday was 16.2. I skipped 16.1, but did 16.2, which was one of those four-minute-at-a-time ones, starting with 25 TTB, 50 DU, and 15 squat cleans at 85#, then, if you get through that in under four minutes, you go up to 25 TTB, 50 DU, and 15 squat cleans at 115#, etc., topping out at 20 minutes. I knew I wouldn’t make it out of the first four minutes, and I was right; I got 77, which is 2 cleans into the first round. I definitely was hitting something on the double unders, because when I got out in the middle of the floor, I strung about 30. Oh well.

Saturday was 8-minute AMRAP infinity ladder 3, 6, 9…

-Box jumps
-HSPU (push-ups)

I made it successfully through the round of 15. My daughter was there cheering me on, and that helped a bit.

Today was five rounds of 1-minute plank on elbows, followed by 10-minute Tabata of:

-Air squats
-Jumping lunges
-Hollow rocking
-Air squats

No one was keeping track of reps. I can’t do jumping lunges, as it turns out, big surprise there. I didn’t go too crazy on the last set of air squats because doing too many of them makes me very sore.


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