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Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

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Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving was Hollyman, which is 30 (yes 30, not 3) RFT:

-5 Wall balls
-1 clean (225#/155#)

30-minute time cap.

I did it with 125# and started with regular push-ups, but they devolved quickly down to knee push-ups, just because there were so damn many of them and I got 21:25.

Friday was 16 minute round robin of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of:

-Rope climbs
-Rowing for calories
-Air squats

I did the V-ups and the rowing backwards, because I did GHDs and I wasn’t the only one. As it turns out, there’s a reason why they are in the order that they are because it was very difficult to do rope climbs after doing GHDs. And I’ve gotten better at GHDs because my low back doesn’t hurt any more. In any event, I got something like 4 rope climbs, 45-ish GHDs, 46 cals, and 85 or so air squats.

Saturday was EMOM 10 minutes clean and jerk at 70-75%, which I ended up doing at 125#. The WoD was 5-minute AMRAP:

-10 burpees
-20 DU

This was…meh. I got 3+3, which is about as good as I could expect, although it would have been nice to do somewhat better at the double unders. Oh well, it was never really going to be my WoD anyway.


Group WoD and Handstand Stuff

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Saturday was a Team WoD with Teams of 5, 14 minutes for max reps:

-3 minutes of burpees (everyone)
-3 minutes of lunges (2 at a time)
-3 minutes of DU (everyone)
-5 minutes of rope climbs (one at a time)

We got some sort of number, 800 or something. Totally doesn’t matter. I got 41 burpees, which is pretty good, I guess. I don’t know. I only got 63 DU, which is pretty bad for three minutes, but I just tripped and tripped and tripped. The rope climbs went OK, because, with teams of five, I got a nice long break between them.

Today was a lot of handstand skill work with a max effort handstand hold, which was 1:10 butt-to-wall. We also did some pirouette drills, spotted, which was interesting. The WoD was 6-minute AMRAP:

-10 box jumps
-8 TTB (TTR)

I got 5+1.


Posted in pull-ups, thrusters on November 20, 2015 by coughingsparks

I woke up this morning 17 minutes before having to be at the Crossfit class. So, I was very tired and didn’t get to have coffee. Not that it matters too much. The WoD was 9-minute AMRAP:

-Muscle ups (Pull-ups)
-Thrusters (165#/105#)

I did it with pull-ups and the Rx’d thruster weight and got 1 round. Slow, but I’m only going to do a WoD like this so fast.

No engine to speak of, but I can still Turkish Get-Up

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Yesterday was our first Fight Gone Bad in over two years (June 9, 2013 was the last): 3 rounds for reps:

-Wall ball (20/10, 14/9)
-SDLHP (75/55)
-Box jumps (20″)
-Push press (75/55)
-Row for calories

One minute rest

I did fairly dismal at this. Two years ago, I had PR’d with 289, but I only got 256 yesterday, which was broken up as 109, 79, 68. That is a testament right there to just how out of shape I am right now. I did phenomenal…for five minutes, and then experienced a precipitous drop off. It took a while for my lungs to recover too. Apparently, we’re going to be going up on metcon easing into the Open, which is good and I think, very necessary. I can’t blame the gym altogether though, because my sucky schedule has put me down from five days a week to four mostly and sometimes three.

Today was a make-up from Monday, 14-minute EOMOM:

-1 Turkish Get-up per side, straight across for seven sets

I did well on this, 24 kg. I may be the only female who can do a 24kg TGU at my gym, however I cannot even do one pistol. Go figure. The metcon was way too easy, and I should have done the mens’ scaling, 7-minute AMRAP:

-10 Russian KBS (24kg/16kg)
-10 weighted sit-ups (25#/10#)

I got 8 rounds, 15, my limiting factor mostly was just the time that it takes to do the movements. I was not short of breath. It was a nice cool-down after FGB yesterday, but not challenging in the slightest.

Back, finally

Posted in back squats, push-ups on November 17, 2015 by coughingsparks

My new schedule is not the best thing ever. Most weekends, I end up doing three days in a row of no Crossfit or, as with this weekend, three days in a row of no exercise. So, I was pretty short of breath today, even though we were just doing lifting stuff. We did 4×7 back squats at what was supposed to be 80%, which would have been 175#, but no. Just no. I did it at 155#, and it was still hard. It was mixed in with 4×7 or 7×4 ring dips, which I scaled with ring push-ups. Good way to ease back in though.

Tomorrow is our first FGB in over two years, and I don’t have much of an engine to speak of, so this will be interesting.

Not below parallel, thank everything holy

Posted in knees-to-elbows, push press on November 13, 2015 by coughingsparks

I am very sore from pistols yesterday.  Luckily, they didn’t program anything below parallel.  The WoD was 8-minute AMRAP:

-Push press (135#/95#)

I did it as prescribed and got 4+24, which was pretty good.  I was hoping for five, but I got burned out on the TTB.  I did do the push press unbroken through the set of 12 though.  It was a nice WoD.  I did the TTB mostly one at a time, but did a good job of hanging onto the bar.

Bag of Goodies

Posted in pistols, pull-ups on November 12, 2015 by coughingsparks

Today was a make-up day.  I could have made up yesterday, which I skipped because my daughter didn’t have school, my husband did, and I took her to the indoor waterpark when I might have otherwise gone to Crossfit.  Anyhoo, I made up Monday, which was 20-minute running clock:

10 minutes:

-Every two minutes 10 pistols, preferably weighted

10 minutes:

-Even: max effort bar muscle up (chest to bar pull-up, regular pull-up)
-Odd: 20 air squats as quick as possible

I did my pistols with a band, which I love and hardly ever get to do any more, but it is truly the best scaling, as it is the most difficult and doesn’t mimic the movement–it IS the movement.  I wish they let me use it all the time.  I got 5-6-5-5-5 pull-ups.  I spent the rest of the time doing mobility, which I badly need to do, like a lot more often.