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Three days’ worth

Posted in back squats, burpees, cleans, front squats, jerk, kettle bells, knees-to-elbows, push-ups on October 26, 2015 by coughingsparks

Wednesday was:

-100 KB swings (24kg/16kg)
-75 burpees
-50 front squats (135#/95#)
-25 HSPU

18-minute time cap

I got to 218, which is 38 into the front squats. It was tougher to do the front squats than to do the burpees. I started at 10 reps, and very quickly went to 5.

Thursday was:

-5×10 back squats at 60%
-superset with max effort push-ups

I did this at 135#. I don’t remember how many push-ups I did. Not very many. Then was 3-minute tabata each of

-Air squats

By tabata rules, I got 14 and 3.

Friday was:

20-minutes to establish a 2RM clean and jerk, not touch and go. I got to 150#. My legs were very sore from the two days prior, almost as bad as the time we lunged 400m. I refused to squat these for this reason.


12 Days; That’s no good…

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I’ve done stuff, I guess.

10/9: Group WoD, unscored, Russian KBS, V-ups, Rope Climbs, Air squats. Rope climbs were beautiful thanks to aerial class, but definitely still slow.

10/13: EMOM alternating Russian twists (12 kg?), and max effort Z-sit (not L-sit, because I don’t think it’s a viable option for me). Metcon, 4 rounds, every 4 minutes of:

-12 pistols (step-ups on a box–my least favorite scale because it is way too easy to cheat, and if I don’t cheat, it is horrifically slow).
-400m run (500m row)

I got them all around 3 minutes or more. Slowest in class. Tried not to cheat though.

10/14: 12-minutes to heavy clean and jerk. This went surprisingly well and I think I got either 155 or maybe 160. It was a while ago, I don’t remember. I remember it was pretty good though. Metcon: 15-12-9-6-3 CTB pull-ups, Clean and jerk 135#/95#). 10-minute cap, I think. I got through the round of 12, which is what I predicted. I dumped the grips and went back to tape, which was better. I got a round of 5, which is pretty good for me.

10/17: 5×10 DL at 60% (175#) supersetted with 5×10 push press at 60% (95#). This was hilarious because it felt fine at the time, but I’m still sore from it. Over the next few days it felt like I was being beaten by a baseball bat. So sore. But, I did the same number as the boys, so that’s nice.

10/20: 14.1: 10-minute AMRAP 30 DU, 15 snatch (75#/55#). The good news is, I’m not getting worse at this WoD, 170, which is better than last time (166) but not as good as the actual open (183).


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I can’t remember what I did on Tuesday’s WoD, it was 10-minute infinity ladder of:

10/20/30/40…wall balls

I think I got 3 + ?. I don’t remember. Into the DU on the fourth round for sure, but not that far I don’t think.

Yesterday was 5×10 OHS at 50%, which was 75# which I dropped in the fourth round, because my mind wandered. This was interspersed with max effort pull-ups and 2 minute rest, which I got 12 on. The metcon was 4-minute AMRAP of no-extension burpees. My goal was 40 (low, I know, but I am slow on burpees and I’m hardly getting faster as I push inexorably on towards 40 years of age), and I got 51. My shoulders were definitely fried from the other stuff.

Today was a make-up from Monday, which was 2RM TNG cleans, which I made power cleans because, yeah. So I got 150 for 1 and 145# for 2. The metcon was fun, 10 RFT:

-1 clean at 85% of complex (125#)
-6 box jumps

six-minute cap

I got done in 4:54 and I’m proud to say I didn’t look at the clock once.

New grips?

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Today was 3 RFT:

-21 box jumps
-15 power cleans (135#.95#)
-9 bar muscle ups (pull-ups)

12-minute time cap

I tried my new grips today and I’m not crazy about them.  I got through 2 + 28 and the pull-ups are what slowed me down.  Not that I was likely to finish even with grips that I like, but they are pretty bulky.  I’m hoping they break in.  I may have to shorten them as well.

Finished with 5-4-4-3-2 strict TTB.

5RM press, DU, high-volume back squats, rowing

Posted in back squats, double unders, presses, rowing on October 1, 2015 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 5RM strict press, which we haven’t done in a while:


The metcon was 7-minute AMRAP:

-10 goblet squats (32kg/24kg)
-30 DU

I did ok at this one, which completely came down to how fast you could do double unders, and got 4 + 5.

Today was a make-up from Monday, starting with 5×10 back squats at 50%, which was 115#, supersetted with max effort push-ups, where I got 34.  The metcon was:

-800m run (1K row)
-2-minute rest
-400m run (500m row)
-1-minute rest
-200m run (250m row)

I got 9:54, which broke down as 3:50, 1:51, and 0:49.  On the first one, I hit a lactic acid wall at 450m, going from about a 1:53 pace to about a 2:04 pace, which was impossible to recover from, thanks to the back squats.