12 minutes or 20 minutes?

Saturday was big weight lifting, which I once again did with company.  Started out with Pendlay rows (10-10-10? at 115#) and dips 4-3-3.  Then onto 3×5 clean pulls at 100%, which was 165#.  Then the 20RM back squat, which was this:


This continues to be difficult, but once again doable.  Weirdly, my calves hurt afterwards, just like last time.  The final thing we did was 2 RFT:

-100 DU
-1K Row

I knew, in looking at this, that it was either going to take 12 minutes, or 20 minutes, depending on how I did with the jump rope, as the row was going to take somewhere around eight minutes with minimal variation.  The DU went about as bad as they could go and I was doing them 2 at a time.  So, it was 20:24.  Definitely the slowest time of the group.


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