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Front Squat/Backwards Fran

Posted in fran, front squats on June 27, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today started with 6×2 front squat at 90%, which was:


Definitely became difficult towards the end. Finished with Backwards Fran, which was:

-Thrusters (95#/65#)

10-minute cap

Finished just under the wire at 9:45. That was a relief. Today was brought to you by a completely blank mind. I didn’t think of anything except what I had to do next and how I was going to do that. That seemed to help.


It IS like Kelly!

Posted in box jumps, rowing, wall ball on June 25, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was a very Kelly-ish WoD, AMRAP 20 minutes:

-200m run (250m row)
-25 wall balls (20#/14#, 10’/9′)
-25 box jumps (24″/20″)

I wanted five rounds, but got a pretty decent 4 rounds, 13 or 14. Also, I was the only one who jumped every box jump; everyone else stepped at least some of the time. Again, I would like to get rebounding box jumps because some girls were getting 6 and 7 rounds and that was probably why. Another goat, I guess. Speaking of goats, we were supposed to finish up with goat work, but I couldn’t really do much. My quads were fried both from yesterday’s WoD and todays, so full snatch was out, and my lats and armpits were dead from all the pull-ups. So I did the best thing I could do: mobility.

HSPU meh

Posted in dead lifts, handstand, presses on June 24, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today we did 6×2 press at 90%, which was:


I remember when that was my 1RM. Nice.

Did some HSPU drills. I’ve sort of given up on HSPU. I can’t do strict at 3 ABMATs any more. I suppose it’s my fault. Apparently also you are supposed to be able to strict press 70-75% of your body weight which is around 145# right now, 35# heavier than my 1RM. Also, CFP is really ardently against any ABMATs these days, so I’m just doing my best piking in the WoD and being OK with that. And I did do well, 3 RFT:

-5 DL at 70% (190#)
-10 HSPU (pike, all with legs straight this time, not knees)
-50 air squats

10-minute cap

I made it in 8:28, which is fine and indicates that my scaling was spot on, and I also had to break up the last set of HSPU a little. All in all solid day.

Worse pull-ups/better pull-ups

Posted in cleans, jerk, pull-ups on June 23, 2014 by coughingsparks

We did the post-test strict pull-ups today, which went badly. I got 4, which is one less than when we started the progression, like six weeks ago. I’m not all that surprised that I didn’t really get better, seeing as I went up two bands during the progression and with how my back has been feeling lately, coupled with Saturday’s shit show, I’m not too surprised today didn’t go great for strict pull-ups.

On the other hand, the WoD went spectacularly well, despite all that. It was 10-minute AMRAP:

-20 pull-ups
-5 C&J 75% (95#)

I got 2 rounds, 17, which is amazing for me on a pull-up WoD. I just didn’t think about anything, not my strict pull-up performance, not Saturday, just wanted to see how many I could do and I got the first 10 without coming off the bar and then a set of 4-3-3. Crazy.

Too Much

Posted in dead lifts, muscle-ups, pull-ups, rowing on June 23, 2014 by coughingsparks

Saturday was one of those days that probably should have been a rest day, because it was my 4th day in a row and I woke up feeling everything just sore and low energy. The skill work was bar muscle ups. Haha. I do them with the highest side of the box and 2 plates. So I am 36 inches or about half my height from the floor. I can do 1/2 a bar muscle up.

The WoD was 3 RFT:

-400m run (500m row)
-10 DL (275#/185#)
-15 pull-ups

17-minute cap

I got 2 rounds + the row. It was miserable. The DL felt terrible and I usually like them. I did both sets 4-3-3, which is a little unusual for me. I mean, that’s a lot of weight, but it just usually goes easier. The pull-ups took 5 minutes each set. Just wretched.

Snatch and more snatch

Posted in burpees, knees-to-elbows, pistols, snatches on June 20, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today started with every two minutes for 10 minutes 3 TNG snatches. They wanted full snatches, which I was going to do anyway thanks to my new manifesto:


The last one was more of a power snatch that I caught in a half squat and rode down (I need to work on speed under the bar among other things), but it was better than Monday, in any case.

Finished with:

-75 burpees
-50 pistols (to a 20″ box for me)
-25 TTB
-10 snatches at 75% (55#, again a full snatch)

16-minute cap

With that scaling, I finished in 14:18. I also did the burpees unbroken and got 10-5-5-5 TTB, even though they weren’t strung together.

I’m a Port, I guess

Posted in rowing on June 19, 2014 by coughingsparks

Wow, what a blast. So, EMS, fire and police all did this crew thing, with the Cornell Lightweight Mens’ crew team (national champions, we were told). It was for charity. I e-mailed the EMS point person yesterday, as this was announced last minute and asked if they needed more people and she said sure, so I went down to the Cornell University boat house at 1700. There were only 5 of us from EMS (and technically, I’m not even EMS, but whatever), and they started us out on the Concept 2. They have about 40 of them and…wait for it…THEY ALL WORK. So, we started with just technique stuff, and then trying to row in unison, which is hard, even on a rower.

Then came the conditioning tests. We started with 10 strokes for watts and I got up to 494, although I think I could do better because I didn’t really get how it worked at first, and we did it three times and each time I got a little better, going from 353, to 450, to 494. Then we did a one-minute row for meters, just about meeting my previous PR of 317 at 316. I went out the gate too fast, hard to believe.

Then, out to the water. We had a bow (1) and a stern (8) and a coxswain (guy or gal who yells stuff at you though a headset to a speaker mounted right in front of you) who were actual Cornell rowers. I was 6. I’m not going to lie; it is way more difficult than it looks. I could not, for the life of me, get my oar not to drag in the water. I finally got the hang of it on our actual race, but there is a definite learning curve. We did a few drills and learned how not to flip the boat over (half the people put their oars flat against the water and this stabilizes the whole thing). Then we raced against the Cornell Police Department and Ithaca Fire and lost spectacularly. To be fair, ours was the only team of almost all (pretty short) women and with only two members of the actual crew team.

But I really, really want to do it again. It is nothing like rowing on the erg, especially in a boat with seven other people. Totally awesome.