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After all that complaining…

Posted in box jumps, double unders, kettle bells, snatches on April 30, 2014 by coughingsparks

After all that whinging I did yesterday, I actually PR’d my snatch, it was 12 minutes to establish 1RM snatch:


Who knows if it was actually good, but it did go up. It was a power snatch, of course.

Finished with 13-minute AMRAP:

-50 DU
-40 KB swings (24kg/16kg)
-30 box jumps (24″/20″)
-20 GTO (115#/85#)

I got 1 round, 99, with clean and push jerk for the STO. It was one of those things that I know I got a pretty good score and I did the KB swings and box jumps unbroken, but 100 would have been nicer. Still, not a bad day overall.


*something positive about gymnastics*

Posted in burpees, cleans, dips, handstand, pull-ups on April 29, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was 6-5-5-4-3 of the pull-ups and ring dips, which I did with the red band and had a hard time on the last two sets. Don’t really have a lot to say about that.

Finished with 5 RFT:

-3 power cleans at 75% (110#)
-9 Lateral OTB burpees

12-minute time cap.

Finished in 12:15 using pike push-ups on the box. I was really trying to baby my lower back with both the cleans and the burpees. I would have to get really, really tight on the clean and, even though the weight was light, set up each rep as if it weighed 145. I also don’t know the difference between a good rep and a bad rep. I really don’t. I cannot feel a difference, nor can I tell if I’m ever really doing it right. I feel like I cannot really do a proper clean and perhaps never have been able to. And don’t get me started on the snatch. I don’t know how to not pull early. I don’t know how to not muscle clean when I’m getting tired and it is still easier for me than doing a power clean and certainly easier than doing a full squat clean. I don’t know what that feels like or looks like. At this point, I almost want to go back to Foundations and hit reset, or approach every clean WoD, including the EMOM complexes, with an empty bar.

As for the burpees today, it was always going to be slow, easing down, easing carefully back up so as not to overextend my lower back. Also, I’m probably done with kipping HSPU. I haven’t figured out how to do them yet without having a sore lower back the following day and my back is pretty bad this week to begin with. So, pike on a box it is.

Back Squat/Karen-ish

Posted in back squats, push-ups, rowing, wall ball on April 29, 2014 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 3×3 back squat, straight across at 85%:


This is only 5# off of my current 3RM, so it’s not all that bad. 155# was hard so 170# was definitely a bit of a struggle, but I managed it. In between, we were supposed to do max effort push-ups x3, for a cumulative score, which was 50. Eh.

The WoD was a bit of a rocky one, especially considering that I’m supposed to be good at both of these things. It was:

-150 wall balls
-200m run (250m row) every 2:30

15-minute time cap, starting with the run

I got 112 which is one of the not-so-great scores of the day. I could say that it was worse for me because I was transitioning on and off of the rower, but I’m not sure if I can blame it entirely on that. Considering that I can row pretty fast and can do Karen in 7:26, you would think I’d be able to finish a WoD like this, but no.

Rowing and some other stuff

Posted in dips, double unders, rowing, wall ball on April 26, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was round robin:

-1K row
-3 minute ring dip
-3 minute double under
-3 minute wall ball

It wasn’t actually in that order, but I wanted to do the row first, while I was freshest, which was good because I PR’d at 3:30 by 2 seconds. A 1K row is basically harder than Fran for me. I am still coughing, 2 hours later, especially if I take a really deep breath. For the other three, I got 7, 44, 54. Again, not my best work, but for the rest of the three I felt like my chest was caving in. So, worth it, IMHO.

Sliding further back still

Posted in box jumps, cleans, jerk on April 25, 2014 by coughingsparks

Switched to a red band for the pull-up progression (i use the term loosely as applies to me in this case), for 6-5-4-4-3. The good news is at least I was able to do them all this time instead of just repeating Day 1 over and over again, but it was sort of a blow to the ego.

My back has really been bothering me lately, so my Dad spent about 45 minutes trying to fix it yesterday, which sort of worked for the rest of the day and then I woke up feeling worse. To be fair, my dad even said it was the most f**ked up he’d ever seen it (I’m paraphrasing. I can count on one hand the times I’ve heard my dad say the f-word in the 34 1/2 years I’ve known him) and that it would likely need another adjustment before the competition. I am worried, however, because today’s 8-minute EMOM C&J was a complete shit show:


The clean from the floor hurt my back unless I stayed really tight and the jerk hurt my right shoulder. My 1RM clean and jerk is 135, perhaps higher because the component 1RMs are both higher, so this was way off.

The metcon didn’t go much better, 8-minute infinity ladder:

-1 C&J at 75% (85# in this case)
-5 box jumps (24″/20″)
-2 C&J
-10 box jumps
-3 C&J
-15 box jumps

I had to set every single one extremely carefully, even though the weight was light. I didn’t stop moving and got 5 rounds.

It could have been worse. I don’t know. I’m feeling blue about Crossfit and life in general right now.

Stagnated pull-up progression

Posted in burpees, pull-ups, snatches on April 23, 2014 by coughingsparks

We did Day 6 of the pull-up progression, which was supposed to be 6-5-4-3-3 and of which I did 5-4-3-2-2 again. I don’t know. I am going to failure on these, NOT kipping, NOT reaching my chin, as instructed, and still can’t do 6. If I can’t do it next time (Friday?), I may have to go to a red band, which sucks, because it’s still not really progressing, but, like so many other things, I just don’t make fast gains like other people can. It was easy with push-ups (relatively), but not so with pull-ups.

We went on the 10-minute AMRAP:

-10 burpees
-8 snatches at 60%

I got 5 rounds even with 65#. I thought it was sucky, but it actually wasn’t. My low back hurts and I really need my dad to fix it before the competition. I’d love a massage too, but May is going to be a very expensive month for me, so I don’t know.

Finished up with my pretty much first time ever bench press, digging the flat bench out from behind the gym’s three rowers, just seeing if I could do our agreed upon (for the competition) 100#, which I could do easily, so I did it for reps and got 11, probably with some more in the tank for another round. So this is good.

The third event, which is a 75# sandbag carry up and down stadium steps, and it’s a lot of steps. Going up will be OK, coming back down is going to be really iffy with my bad knee, because there are two things I can’t do: 1.) Run any distance and 2.) walk down stairs, particularly under load. If I do it just coming down on my left leg, and maybe ace wrapping my right, it might be OK, but it will certainly do it in for the day (thank goodness it’s the last evolution of the day), and will require ice and ibuprofen after.

I guess it WAS a PR

Posted in box jumps, dead lifts, jerk on April 22, 2014 by coughingsparks

Today was 5×5 DL at 80%, which was:


Definitely got difficult towards the end. It was interspersed with 5 “high” box jumps, for quality. I did it with 27″ I want to say. It was a 24″ box with a 45# plate.

Finished with 1RM rack split jerk:


I probably could have gotten the last one locked out, but it would have been really ugly. 145 is a PR, come to find out. So that’s good, but not as high as my push jerk, or my push press.