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I feel slightly dirty

Posted in back squats, grace, push-ups on December 31, 2013 by coughingsparks

CFP still closed for the holiday and I have to figure out how to go Thursday and Friday because there is still no school. Wah…I just want my life to go back to normal. So, although there have been at-home WoDs programmed, I haven’t really done any of them mostly because I HATE WoDing at home because there are a million other distractions, I don’t have a great place to do it, and it’s always body weight stuff. Excuses, excuses, I know. I may have to tomorrow though. But today, after being grumpy around my family for a while and bemoaning the first-world problem of a closed CFP, my husband kicked me out of the house and told me to go to Island.

Now, I haven’t set foot in there in almost 10 months, and I gotta tell you, it was a little surreal. They comped me the day, which was nice and they didn’t have to do that. I also ran into two CFP-ers (Andrew and Jana) doing The Seven, which, no thank you. I wanted to squat, which was no great shakes, but at least I did it:

-115×5 (forgot to add weight. Oops)

Finished with an OK, not great, Grace, 30 C&J for time at 4:02, only 5 seconds off my PR, which isn’t too bad. Then the Crossfit Cough started and I couldn’t shake it for about 15 minutes. I don’t think I have asthma, but any really fast, intense <5 minute WoD does it to me. My chest is on fire and I cough and cough and cough and can't really stop for a while.

What went well: Grace went well, and anything around four minutes is not too bad in the grand scheme of things. ETA: Heh, the first time I did Grace after having Katrina, I did it with 65# at 5:00, so you can see how far I’ve come, even though I didn’t PR today #trusttheprocess.

What needs improvement: The back squat was OK, meeting what is typical, but I did 160 last time. I am STILL sore from Karen the other day, so that was a PR with a steep price. My quads feel better for the workout I chose to do today, but I am definitely not back to 100%.

Finished with the LAST DAY of the push-up progression(!), 9-9-8-7-6 (having done 9-8-8-7-6 yesterday), which means 2-3 days off, and then a re-test, trying to beat 17. We’ll see how that goes.


Increased modal domains across broad work capacity or something

Posted in presses, shoulder hell on December 29, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today was another day of open gym, with everyone sort of doing their own thing. Initially, I really wanted to repeat the kettlebell killer, because I’ve always want to repeat it after getting such a miserable time on it, but my legs are wrecked from yesterday so I thought going below parallel today was likely ill advised. And I still had a fine day. I started with press for 3 and PR’d, so that was good:


That was my old 1RM, actually.

Finished with an old Crossfit Ithaca WoD that I call Shoulder Hell, 5 RFT:

-2 press (95#/65#)
-4 push press
-6 push jerk
-30 double unders

Eh. I got 10:37, which is a six second PR, but I was definitely slow on the double unders. Still, a PR is a PR.

What went well: The press went great, didn’t know if I was going to get that third at 105#, but I got my head through and it happened. I also did better than I used to on the shoulder work, it was the double unders that were the slow part.

What needs improvement: The double unders. I have a hard time doing them in the WoD sometimes and my feet were catching on the singles leading in, so it was particularly hard.

I also still don’t feel 100% awesome. I am exhausted, even though I’ve been sleeping. Around the holidays, I get a little bit of social fatigue where I’m just around other people way too much, even though it’s fun, and the people are lovely. I’ve either been working, going out, or hosting. I need to be by myself and I need to craft/create or else I’m miserable and I haven’t had nearly enough of that lately.

Again, Faster

Posted in karen, overhead squats, snatches on December 28, 2013 by coughingsparks

Back in the gym today, back a little sore from Sotts yesterday, but none the worse for wear. Started with a made-up snatch complex, every 90 seconds for 18 minutes (including 00:00 and 18:00):

-Snatch grip DL
-Full snatch

I got 80# and failed at 85#, unfortunately. Did get a good bit of practice and made tiny little jumps.

Finished with Karen, 150 wall balls for time, and PR’d that bitch by 46 seconds, getting 7:26, having not done it since the open last year.

What went well: Karen went great. I got sets of 25 until 100, then 20, 10, 10, 10, I think. Still pretty good. And what my sister told me is true, Karen goes very well in Oly lifters.

What needs improvement: Snatch. Always and forever.

Off to do 9-8-7-7-6 push-ups.

Sick, then better

Posted in just nine minutrs, sotts on December 28, 2013 by coughingsparks

Got the gastroenteritis on 12/24 at around midnight, and had a lot of fun in the bathroom until about 0400, when I made the decision to seek care in my very own ER. I could have not bugged them, but I didn’t want to be sick on Christmas day, and I knew they would be able to help. I got to my room and was flocked upon by about four nurses and had an IV, 3 liters of NS, 8mg zofran, and 10mg reglan. 5 1/2 hours later, I went home and slept all day while Jeff took care of Katrina. By that night, I was able to eat some bread that my mom had baked. By Christmas morning, I was a lot better and had a normal Christmas dinner (roast leg of lamb with pan sauce, wild rice portabello pilaf, salad and yule log cake [chocolate sponge, espresso mascarpone filling, ganache glaze, and meringue mushrooms]).

Hit the gym yesterday for the first time in 3 days, and eased in with a 5×3 Sotts press:


So, that’s five pounds more than last time. Not that we hit this lift too much. Finished with an old favorite, Just Nine Minutes, AMRAP x3 rounds:

-1 minute HPC (65#)
-1 minute FS (65#)
-1 minute push press (65#)
-1 minute rest

I got 161, up from 143 last time, but it was hard as it always is after a long break. Also, this was the first time I’ve done it from the floor rather than from the rack (at Island, I didn’t know any better).

What went well: Sotts went well. Just Nine Minutes went well too, even though it was hard.

What needs improvement: I don’t know. It was a day for easing in, rather than going all out.

Went home and did 9-8-7-6-6 push-ups, having done 9-8-7-6-5 the previous day.


Posted in crossfit total, push-ups on December 23, 2013 by coughingsparks

Wow, 3 absolute PRs and 2 post-baby PRs in one week. And God Bless Us, Everyone! Today was the Crossfit Total, which I haven’t done in quite a while. So, we got a nice lead in to the back squat, 6 minutes to find the staring weight, which was generous, because this one is, in my opinion, the hardest:


That last one was done at, like, 9:30, on a whim, and I’m glad that I did it because that is definitely a post-baby PR and meets my all-time PR for the back squat. On to the press:


Got cocky for sure towards the end, which was a mighty big jump, but still got an all-time PR, so yay!

Lastly, the dead lift. I changed from my Oly shoes back to my nanos for this one:


Once again, a post-baby PR that meets the pre-baby PR. For an all-time Crossfit Total PR of 565. Boo-yah.

What went well: Everything!

What needs improvement: Nothing!

Went home, took a break, and then, just now did 8-8-7-6-5 push-ups with 10# vest.

True FS PR, Mini-Barb Rx’d

Posted in barbara, front squats, push-ups on December 22, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag, and admittedly, 12 Days of Christmas utterly did me in, but it was open gym, and I wanted to make up the 1RM front squat from Thursday because I haven’t done it since PRing the 3RM a few weeks ago:


That last one is a true PR, pre-or post-baby. So that’s nice. I didn’t dump weight at any point, but it’s good to finish on a good rep, especially a PR. And it was hard.

I had decided the night before to do something goat-ish, because that’s what I like to do on Open Gym days, although it’s tempting, when left to my own devices, to do something I’m good at, like a made-up WoD with a lot of rowing and kettle bells. So, I decided to do a couple rounds of Barbara:

-20 pull-ups
-30 push-ups
-40 sit-ups
-50 air squats
-3 minute rest

I only had time for two rounds, and was told not to go over 15 minutes. I finished in 20:01, with 7:50 for the first round. It was a bit of a breakthrough because I have never done any version of Barbara with regular pull-ups OR regular push-ups, and I did both. Granted, before, I got three rounds in 23-something with blue band and knees. In retrospect, I probably should have done something else because this was a week that was intensive for both pull-ups and push-ups and I couldn’t string more than two pull-ups. So, probably not the best day to set a benchmark.

What went well: the front squat went as well as I could possibly hope. I did the sit-ups unbroken. I did my first Rx’d version of Barbara. That’s something.

What needs improvement: Any body weight exercise always needs improvement. The push-ups are progressing, but it is a never-ending black hole of improvement, on this, and on the pull-up as well.

I have skipped the push=up progression the last two days because of back-to-back WoDs with push-ups, totaling 100 over two days, but I did get back to it today 8-7-7-6-5

12 Days of Christmas

Posted in chipper on December 20, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today was the dreaded comprehensive pyramid 12 days of Christmas:

-1 squat clean (50% of 1RM clean)
-2 STO
-3 front rack lunges
-4 pistols (20″ box)
-5 box jumps
-6 KTE
-7 wall balls
-8 push-ups
-9 pull-ups
-10 burpees
-11 front squats
-12 dead lifts

25-minute time cap

Done, of course 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1…etc. Happily, some of the people in my class didn’t know that and just thought it was 1-2-3-4-5…LOLZ. I did it with 65#, which in retrospective was probably light, but I didn’t make the time cap, so eh…my official score was 11, 12, 11, or 11 and 32, or 320 reps. BUT. I decided at the beginning that I wasn’t going to stop at the time cap because f**k the time cap; it’s Christmas. So I finished all 360 reps and got 29:32 by my watch. This one is deceptive because at around Round 6, when only about three or four minutes have gone by, you think (foolishly), I got this. No. No you don’t. And this particular 12 days of Christmas has 5 gymnastics movements so it wasn’t likely to happen for me. Still, not bad.

What went well: Surprisingly, the push-ups went OK and I did them unbroken for the first 2 rounds. I mean, the easy stuff was easy, the box jumps, the barbell stuff, it was OK.

What needs impovement: Any gymnastics movement, really. I went easy on the pistols today because I was so insanely sore last time, I think I overdid it. It was still plenty difficult scaling for me, so I stuck with it.