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Yesterday was two four minute AMRAPs:

-6 Thrusters (95/65)
-6 Chest-to-bar pull-ups

Two minute rest

-6 HSC (135/95)
-6 TTB

I got 3 rounds, 4 CTB pull-ups and 2 rounds, 3 cleans Rx’d, Rx’d, Rx’d, Rx’d. So, if you do the math, I did 18 CTB pull-ups. Where was that on 13.5??? Whatever. I’m happy.

Today was very much like a Saturday WoD, 4 RFT of:

-20 KB swings (24k/16k)
-20 hand-release plate burpees (release hands at the bottom, jump onto a 25# plate at the top)
-400m run (500m row for poor, crippled Julie)

I got 22:22 Rx’d on the weight. It was relatively slow, but for once I don’t care. It’s unlikely I could have done it faster today. It was funny too because in the beginning, Eamon asked, “Where are we going to make up time on this WoD?” And I was like, “Duh, the KB swings.” And he was like, “LOL, no, the run.” Well, maybe for most of the people. Not for me. That KBS was easy part and I did all 80 unbroken. The burpees followed by the row was brutal.



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Today was the big Saturday metcon of 20-minute AMRAP:

-600m run
-5 DL (225/155)
-20 hand-release push-ups

I rowed even Steven 600m and got 4 rounds, 5 DL Rx’d.


Posted in muscle-ups, snatches on April 26, 2013 by coughingsparks

We started with muscle up transitions today, which was, for me hanging in a false grip and trying to kip, which is really, really hard and gave me a blister on my wrist, but I can do a chest to rings pull-up in the false grip on the rings, so that’s something. The WoD was Amanda, which was:

-9 muscle ups
-9 squat snatch (135#/95#)
-7 muscle ups
-7 squat snatch
-5 muscle ups
-5 squat snatch

Yeah…it was scaled all to Hades though. The muscle ups turned into 27 ring dip negatives and 27 ring rows (then 21, then 15) that started out straight leg and turned into bent leg and the snatch, well…I made a decision before I even set foot in the gym to do it empty bar. Because here’s the thing. I am sick of doing this lift wrong. Tim said it was OK to power snatch and then overhead squat the weight, which is fine, but it is not the same thing. I can do that, with about 75 pounds, but not well. It would have been wide-grip-dead-lift-bicep curl-push-press-overhead-squat. I have proven many times over that I can do a snatch badly, and can muscle up 75 pounds, even many times. But today was not that day. I wanted to do 45# and actually pull and drop underneath the weight, which I believe I did, that I got close to meeting some sort of smooth movement. I think my time was 13 something.

Don’t know. Don’t really care.

Cleans, FS, Sprint(?)

Posted in cleans, front squats, running on April 25, 2013 by coughingsparks

Yesterday was 3 sets of 2 3-position cleans (full power clean, HPC, high-hang squat clean):



Then 3×5 FS:


As expected.

Then, the quite laughable 25′ sprint 3-minute AMRAP, in which I went at a light jog and got 38, no-rep’d the first one because I didn’t touch the ground with both hands.


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I am sick with Katrina’s cold. Headache, low-grade fever, cough, chest pain, runny nose, the works. But not too sick to work out. Yesterday was:

5-5-5-5-5 push jerk:


That’s not a huge number, but they felt solid, so don’t care. The WoD was 2RFT:

-15 push press (115/75)
-15 SDLHP (115/75)
-15 TTB

10-minute time cap. I finished in 6:20 Rx’d. Not too shabby. Lucky for me, there were two elements I am good at. The TTB burned out my (already pretty tired) forearms and I still have a hard time stringing them deep in the WoD. But still. Not a bad time at all.

Today was 15-minute AMRAP:

-50 wall ball (20, 10/14, 9)
-35 KB OHS (16kg/12kg each hand)
-20 pull-ups
-35 KB Thrusters
-50 double unders

I’m having a hard time remembering the entire WoD because I got 105, which means all the pull-ups Rx’d. It took forever to get through the KB OHS. I knew that it would, wall ball or not. But I was told not to scale, so there you have it. I don’t really feel bad about it, because I sort of expected to get through the KB OHS slowly and also because I was stringing some of the pull-ups 2 at a time Rx’d. So there you have it again. Progress.

Grip killer

Posted in dead lifts, pull-ups on April 20, 2013 by coughingsparks

Today’s WoD was 5RFT of:

-15 DL 135/95
-10 pull-ups

I had to think about scaling from the beginning on this one, because of what happened last time I tried to do pull-ups in a WoD. So I decided to do 5 pull-ups and 5 ring rows. On my first set I bit the inside of my mouth, but did string a couple of kipping pull-ups together. It sort of un-spooled from there and by the second round I was doing one at a time, and by the third round I was missing reps, so for rounds four and five I did all ring rows and got 9:20. I had asked about scaling up the weight for the DL, but in the end I’m glad I didn’t because I could barely pick up the bar in the end because my forearms were just not having it. My problem doing pull-ups in a WoD is that I have to take about a half dozen kipping swings before I can do a pull-up. In that time, my forearms burn out and so do my shoulders, which is why I was missing reps in the third round.


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Today was a 5×5 strict press and I finally got out of my 90×4(F) slump:


Those last two were a bit of a long shot, but what the heck? It’ll come in time.

WoD was 8RFT of:

-200m run
-20 air squat

I subbed in a 250m row. It was offered to me to do 200m row, but I always feel that it is somehow cheating to go straight across, mostly because it takes me so very much longer to run that distance. In any case, I finished at 14:37, which was fairly comparable to the middle of the class, so I feel it was good scaling. Also, I did the rowing at <2:00 pace and did the squats completely unbroken.