Fran/Burpees/Tabata Something Pallas

OK, I have a lot of catching up to do. We’ll start with Saturday, which was Fran, but I started with some cleans to begin with:


I’m trying to practice these a lot, because my Olympic lifting is so very deficient (more on that later). Towards the end, I was definitely muscling the weight up. Ah well, on to Fran, which actually went pretty well, a decent time with my hardest scaling yet:

-Thrusters (95/65)
-Pull-ups (2″ band: Blue at Pallas, I guess, but mine is green; it’d be nice if they were all standardized)

I got 6:26, which is comparable to other times I’ve gotten in the past, but I’ve pretty much usually done under-bar rows. I got the first and the last set of thrusters unbroken, which was helpful. That was my goal going in was to at least get the first set of thrusters unbroken. I thought it went well, anyway.

Yesterday was max effort TGUs. I did about what I did last time I tried this:


I should probably go heavier at Island, where there is such an extensive set of dumbbells, but 45# is already pretty scary. Finished with an horrific WoD, three rounds for time of:

-10 HSPU
-20 mountain climbers
-30 burpees
-40 sit-ups

I got two rounds in at 11:55. It thought I had time to do the whole thing in 15 minutes or less, and so thought I had time to do it on a work day, but when I saw it was going to take me 12 minutes for the first round, I had to stop at two. The burpees are what broke me off about this WoD, although the mountain climbers are no picnic either. Obviously, I scaled the HSPU by using two step risers and the pink thingy. I don’t feel particularly stellar about my performance, but what are you going to do?

Later that day, I did 17 push-ups unbroken at work during a potty break, so it wasn’t all bad.

Today was stupid split jerk presses. I HATE the split jerk. Actually, I hate the jerk in general. I am not at all good at it, particularly the split jerk. The press is no problem, even in a split jerk bottom, but it’s getting there that’s hard, so we did 3-3-3-3, and it went something like this:


It got better towards the end, but I can press a LOT more than that, so it was frustrating to BARELY get the jerk and then have the weight be too easy for the three presses. I punished myself on the WoD, though, which was like Tabata This or Tabata Something Else, with:

-KB swings (35/25)
-Barbell lateral hops
-Shoulder-to-overhead (75/55)
-Air squats

Score is cumulative of worst four rounds. I did the men’s scaling (HAHA!) and got 39. It was near the bottom, but what broke me off was not the wighted stuff, e.g., the shoulder-to-overhead (although that was definitely hard) and certainly not the KB swings, but the barbell hops. I am not coordinated in that way, so I was doing these really slowly, trying not to trip on my feet. More practice is needed.


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