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225? Really? And Bad Cindy

Posted in cindy, dead lifts with tags , on December 30, 2011 by coughingsparks

I was close to actually making it on time to the gym today. Almost. When I have my daughter (which is almost every single non-work day), getting into the gym by 0900 is very difficult, so I usually don’t get onto the floor ready to go until 0910 or 0915. And I wanted to take my time on a 5×3 dead lift today, and it paid off:


Definitely a new 3RM, and *gulp* only 10# away from my all-time 3RM of 235. It is gratifying to get ever-closer to actual PRs after only 4 months of post-Katrina lifting.

Finished with a sort of crappy Cindy: AMRAP 20 minutes of:

-5 pull-ups (under-bar rows)
-10 push-ups (knees)
-15 squats

I managed 15 rounds, 5 under-bar rows, 7 push-ups which is almost exactly one round more than last time, but I also had the same problem as last time of breaking up my push-up sets. I am terrible at push-ups; I always have been. That should probably by my New Years’ resolution: improve my push-ups measurably. I am so very bad at them…


Back squat/made-up WoD

Posted in 20kg cookie, back squats with tags , on December 29, 2011 by coughingsparks

CFNYC is testing this week so I’m following them sporadically. So today I started with a 5×5 back squat, which finishes my cycle of 5s and puts me back at 3s:


That last one is a new 5RM, but I almost got stuck in the bottom of the last one. I shouldn’t be scared to dump; after all, I did it the other day, but at the same time, I don’t want to tweak my back either.

Finished with a made up WoD, with 20kg Cookie elements, AMRAP in 10 minutes of:

-10 decline sit-ups with 45# plate arms straight ahead
-3 push-ups
-20 air squats

I managed 4 rounds exactly. Those 20-kilo decline sit-ups are extremely hard, and although I did the first set unbroken, by the third I was doing 2s.

1st Post-Katrina CFT

Posted in crossfit total with tags on December 27, 2011 by coughingsparks

I’m sort of a day behind CFNYC, so yesterday’s WoD was the Crossfit total, 1RM in succession of back squat, press, and deadlift. It is brutal and I’ve only done it two other times. Also this is the first time since the baby that I’ve maxed out the back squat, which I hate doing. Also, I came to the gym late and had to do it in 45 minutes, when it truly takes a full hour if you want sufficient rest. So, a little frustrating. Anyway, here is my breakdown:

Back squat:


I dumped that, which is disappointing because it is really close to body weight.



I attempted it twice because I’ve hit 100 pretty recently, like the beginning of the month, but it just wasn’t happening.

Dead lift:


Finally a PR, although it was U-G-L-Y. So the total is 505, which puts me somewhere between intermediate and advanced, closer to intermediate, of course. My true PR for CFT is 530, but that was with, I think, a 220# DL and a 200# BS.

12 Days of Christmas PUNISHMENT!!

Posted in chipper with tags on December 26, 2011 by coughingsparks

I had a carb-o-riffic last couple of days, what with my mother’s baking and all the crap at work yesterday, plus I said I’d reign it in today, but Jeff made me a special cookie so I had to eat that, I needed some serious punishment this morning, so I embarked on one thing, one WoD by CFNYC called The 12 Days of Christmas. Based on that title alone, you can imagine the rep scheme, 1, 2-1, 3-2-1, 4-3-2-1, &c, for time. The exercises were as follows:

1. HSPU (I did a regular push-up)
2. 24″ Box Jump (I think I did 22″)
3. 95#/65# Thrusters (I used 45#)
4. Pull-ups (I did under-bar rows)
5. Burpees
6. TTB (I did 2x floor wipers)
7. 20#/14# Wall balls (I used 16# and didn’t have a target)
8. 55#/35# KB Swings
9. Double unders
10. 45#/25# Overhead plate lunge
11. 95#/65# HPC (I used 45#)
12. 95#/65# Hang power snatch (I did 45# OHS like a punk)

All told, 32:55, so even though I wussed out on a lot of stuff, my scaling was good. If you count the reps there are 364 of them, which is a LOT. I was about dead after this one. But it’s a really good chipper. I sort of wish I had gone heavier on the last two, but I definitely want to do this again, also with snatches. This was the prescription for yesterday at CFNYC and they had a 3RM back squat prior. That seemed like overkill to me. Big chippers, as far as I’m concerned, stand alone.

Nasty Girls

Posted in nasty girls, overhead squats with tags , on December 24, 2011 by coughingsparks

Did an okay 5×5 OHS to start today:


The last few were a little shaky. I will definitely be dialing my diet in after the holidays. Waffles tomorrow and a rest day though. Finished with a scaled Nasty Girls, three rounds of:

-50 air squats
-21 under-bar rows
-21 bench dips
-10 HPC 75#

Finished in 14:35, so good scaling. My buddy Marcus is trying to get me to do the Spartan Race June 2. We’ll see about that although 1.) I’m confident I’m off that weekend and 2.) it would be nice to be training for something and 3.) I think my sister might be doing it. We could dress up like Vikings…


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I was late to Island today and I only have an hour to begin with when Katrina is with me. Then I ran into a buddy and we started talking. Anyway, got my 5×5 press in,


That matches last time. Then I ran into Marcus and we talked for a bit, until I had about 10 minutes left. He convinced me to run on the treadmill, which I HATE. I intended to do one mile but started too fast and ended up doing 1/2 a mile because I suck, in 4:10 or something, I guess. Sad, sad.

Front squats, fun with intervals

Posted in box jumps, front squats with tags , on December 21, 2011 by coughingsparks

Back on 5×5, this time with front squats:


This matched last time. My weekly PR gravy train is pulling into the station, it would seem. Finished with one-minute-on, one-minute-off box squats x8 on what I believe is a 22″ box:


My legs were definitely gassed from the front squat, but these still felt solid, and with good form.