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Home WoD

Posted in push-ups with tags on November 28, 2011 by coughingsparks

Another home WoD today after going to the dentist and then going grocery shopping, five rounds for time of:

-20 girl push-ups
-30 sit-ups
-40 squats

Finished in 16:25. I managed just the sit-ups unbroken, so I think that the WoD was good, although we’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow…


Triple Digit Overhead

Posted in belly buster, presses with tags , on November 27, 2011 by coughingsparks

Good milestone today. My traps were quite sire from FGB yesterday, which is weird. Wall-ball and push press must be to blame but oh well. So, that said, I decided today would be good for finding my 1RM on the press:


That last one I baaaaaaarely got but I really wanted triple digits, and slowly locked it out. Also, that’s only 5 pounds from my pre-Katrina 1RM.

Finished up with the Belly Buster, three rounds for time of:

-20 Box Jumps
-20 KB Swings
-20 Decline Bench sit-ups

I used a 22″ box, I think, which was an 18″ box with a 45# bumper plate on top. I used what I thought was a 45# KB, but turned out to be a 30#, because they are the only two black ones at Island. Of course I didn’t realize it until the third round, although I was thinking, man, I’m knocking this out of the park. In any case, I got 9:27, which is almost exactly my time from last time, when I was using a 12″ box, so I like to think I increased my work capacity.

Friday Gone Bad

Posted in fight gone bad with tags on November 25, 2011 by coughingsparks

So, did Fight Gone Bad today because my sister is in town and she has never done FGB before, so I thought it might be fun; besides, it had been just over two months since I did it last: long enough to (hopefully) see some improvement:

Three rounds of five one-minute sets of
-Row for calories
-Wall ball for reps (16#, supposed to be 14#, but we didn’t have that)
-SDLHP for reps (53#)
-Box Jump 20″ for reps
-Push press for reps (53#)

I got:

Row: 21-18-16
Wall Ball: 13-8-8
SDLHP: 25-21-15
Box Jump: 18-15-16
Push Press: 18-16-19

For a grand total of 247. When I did it back in September I got 202, so woohoo! My breakdown last time was:

Row: 21-18-17, so that was almost identical
Wall Ball: 6-7-6, much better at that
SDLHP: 18-16-13, better there too
Box Jump: 13-13-12, a lot better there as well
Push Press: 17-12-13, so better there too

It’s interesting to compare round to round like that. I have done a few wall bell and push press and box jump metcons since then and have made some fairly significant PRs, so I’m pretty happy with my score.

My sister did scaling with 8# ball and 38# SDLHP and push press and got 220, so I thought that was a good scaling choice. And she said she liked it better than Karen(!). Go figure.


Posted in back squats with tags on November 24, 2011 by coughingsparks

Today was a pretty short day, as most work days are. I started with a 5×3 back squat, which was:


Yes, I PR’d by 20 stinking pounds. The reason I did so very many sets is because my legs were tired from Karen and so I thought I’d meet my last 3RM of 135, but that felt easy so I went on to 145, and that felt OK, so I went onto 155, which was hard, but doable. So I guess that’s it now.

I finished with a CFNYC WoD from earlier this week called Scott’s Mom, max reps bear complex style with 65#:

-Front Squats
-Back Squats


-Push Press
-Push Jerk

I got 7-10-8 and then 6-3-1, pretty durn sad.

While I was doing that, there was a dude next to me doing what looked like some sort of metcon with push jerks, burpees, and thrusters followed by some OHS. The guy was in good shape with decent definition, but his form was terrible. And you can’t say anything because, no. But seriously, I thought he was going to fracture his skull on the OHS, 95#, but breaking at the knees, whipping the weight around, yikes! It’s cool to see people at the globo do Crossfit, but they need to learn the proper movements first.

Short, fat Karen

Posted in karen, overhead squats with tags , on November 22, 2011 by coughingsparks

It felt good to be back in the gym today after oversleeping yesterday and missing out. Speaking of missing out, I haven’t been to UA in weeks due to childcare issues and I miss it, especially the rings. Anyway, I started today with 5×3 OHS, which went quite well:


That last one is a PR, and it felt really solid, although I chickened out on 85 because at Island there’s no way to dump the weight safely to say nothing of gracefully. Next time.

Today’s metcon prescription was Karen, which I hate. However, I haven’t done it yet post-Katrina, so I guess today was going to be as good a day as any.

This is another Crossfit activity that is just not designed for Island, as there is absolutely nowhere that is appropriate for a target, so basically I do it in whatever piece of real estate I can find on the weight floor next to the squat racks and toss the med ball as high as I possibly can.

Karen is 150 wall balls for time, mens’ 20#, wonens’ 14#. I did 16#, because that’s what I had, and completed the WoD in 10:30, however I can guarantee they didn’t all count, so it was both fat and short. It was a good ramp up for FGB though, which I plan on doing Friday with my lovely sister who’s coming up from Manhattan for Thanksgiving.

Good day.

Today (again)

Posted in push-ups with tags on November 20, 2011 by coughingsparks

I knew that I wouldn’t go to the gym today; I never go on Sundays that I’m off because I go to church when I normally would be going to the gym. So, I made up my own body weight WoD and did it in the nursery while Katrina rolled around in her playmat:

-100 ABMAT sit-ups
-50 push-ups
-100 squats

I was going to do 100 push-ups but even with girl push-ups I was doing 2s at around 35 or so. In any case, I did the WoD in 12:51, which is a nice length for an at-home metcon.

Yesterday (again)

Posted in competition, presses with tags , on November 20, 2011 by coughingsparks

Forgot to post again yesterday. Whoops. I started with a 5×3 press and PR’d, yay!


I’m looking forward to putting triple digits over my head again. I finished with the horrible competition WoD from the New Jersey sectionals, which was:

-10 front squats
-20 double unders
-8 front squats
-30 DU
-6 FS
-40 DU
-4 FS
-50 DU
-2 FS
-60 DU

The Rx’d weight is 95#, but I did 85. I was determined to do the double unders as Rx’d. However, I made it through only the first 20 and looked at my time to see that three minutes had already gone by. Drat! So I finished the last as 3x singles, and came in at 9:44. I think I’m going to make the goal of adding a set of DU each time I do this cursed WoD.

By the way, there’s also a 15-minute cap. I think the fastest time on this WoD at the competition was 4:05 or something ridiculous. This WoD is a white whale for me because in the past I’ve come close, but have never made it in under 15 minutes. Something to shoot for.